Miraculous recovery of my scar (Thanks to Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum)

Hello, everyone! Apologies if this is too graphic for some. Look away if you’re squeamish. Just had to share my scar results since my quad bike accident resulting in a broken hip. I had a surgery scar 25 cm long.

scar gone

Recovery of my scar

It was shocking when I saw how long the scar was but I knew I had a serum that would make it heal amazingly well and reduce scarring. I couldn’t put the Luminesce serum on it for the first 2 weeks because it was so tender and I was too scared to touch it. It’s now been 4 weeks since my accident. I am astonished at the ‘Miraculous recovery of my scar’! Keep on reading to know how I said goodbye to one of the most problematic skin conditions!

For the past 2 weeks, I have been putting on the Luminesce serum and body moisturizer on my scar on and off every day or two. I am impressed with the results for just 2 weeks. It’s going super well and I doubt I’ll have much of a scar if any, thanks to the power of my LUMINESCE Serum with the human stem cell growth factor. Not just for wrinkles. By switching on your body’s stem cells this product can help heal anything. It killed my cold sores the other day in just one day. Seriously love this stuff!!! Can’t live without it.

Here is the detailed product review of Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum.

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Will keep you updated on the results of my scar. Can’t wait to see it in another month. Watch this space! I have reviewed this product before. I couldn’t stop myself from passing on such an important piece of information. There are many people out there who are insecure about their looks due to the problem of scarring. This product is a boon to those who consider cosmetic procedures as the only option for scarring. I wish that a lot of people benefit from my experience.

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