6 Shocking Ways All Women Are Exploited In And They Don’t Even Realize!!!

It is difficult to be a woman. Especially when society, politicians, and just about anyone with an opinion tells you how you should live your life, down to what you should wear, eat, look like and so on.  There are a lot of things women are expected to live up to. It’s amazing how many rules there are that women have to follow. So what happens when they don’t follow those rules? Shame!  No matter what you do the world has something to say about your life. Here is a list of unfair things society expects from women.

1. Acting Like A Lady

woman, lady

Good manners are very important. But they are equally important for men and women. I have never understood what people mean when they say to a woman,” Act like a lady!” or “This is not how girls are supposed to behave. Women now have a career, drive cars, wear pants and all things once considered unladylike.

2. Putting on makeup or wearing a beautiful dress means you are trying to impress someone

woman, makeup, makeup to impress

Let me begin by saying that I love makeup. Mostly elders give an awful lot of advice as to why women should not be wearing much makeup. Then there are assumptions that women who wear makeup or put on a revealing outfit do it to impress men. Really? A woman who owns more than 20 lipsticks is putting on makeup for a guy who can’t even differentiate between cherry red and berry red? Ridiculous!

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3. A woman should dress up according to society’s norms


Women live in a world where, on one hand, we are told to “dress modestly” or else we’re “inviting” molestation. If you spot a woman wearing a revealing outfit, all heads quickly turn in her direction. People who think that a girl in a bikini on a beach is trying to entice men need to open their minds to the possibility that this is just her way of relaxing. Don’t consider it an invitation. Do your eyes pop as much when you see a man in his boxers on a beach?

4. Explaining your choices

Do you wish to pursue something risky in your life but feel let down by your unsupportive circle of family and friends? Do you have to explain to your parents why you wish to marry a guy they don’t approve of? Well, you don’t need to! You don’t have to explain everything to everyone because it is your own damn choice. You don’t need someone’s approval at every step. Also, have you ever been ditched by someone you loved? Or have you left someone? If yes, check this out! You won’t regret it.

5. Getting married on time

woman, get married

This is one of the biggest things a society expects which is not limited to just women but a large percentage of it definitely is! You really don’t have to do that just for the heck of it. Not everyone needs to marry someone just because society dictates you.

6. You are an evil if you don’t wanna have kids!

woman, don't wanna have kids

Women that don’t have children are often referred to as “defective”. If this is by choice they are told they will regret their decision.What kind of unnatural woman would never want to be a mom? It’s not a badge of honor to have a child nor is it a shame to be childless. This is purely a matter of choice.

Also, if you are doing these really common parenting mistakes, they are damaging your kids beyond repair!!!

A word of advice for all women: Instead of blindly obeying the society, try to explore what makes you happy and do it without a second thought.

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