Types of Foundations in makeup: The Ultimate Guide

As we all know very well, a foundation is the base of any look we wish to achieve. Therefore, it is essential to understand the type of foundation suitable for your skin. There are so many different formulas, textures, and ingredients out there such that it makes the choice difficult. Be it beginners or pros, a large number of girls and women are using a foundation that is not suited to their skin tone, type or texture. So, to simplify things for you, I have prepared the ultimate guide for the basic types of foundations in makeup available in the market.

1.) Liquid Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

Liquid foundation is the basic foundation that comes in liquid form. There are many specialized versions, including oil-free, oil-based and waterproof. They can go from medium to full coverage depending on how much you apply.

Skin type best suited:

Liquid foundations suit almost all skin types.

  • Women with very dry or wrinkled skin should go for an oil based liquid foundation.
  • Women with an oily skin should pick up a water based liquid foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation.

2.) Mousse or Whipped Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

Mousse, also marketed as “whipped foundation”  is basically a liquid foundation with air whipped in. This makes the product light and smooth. Mousse foundations tend to have a weightless feel.

Skin type best suited:

Whipped foundation is typically good for all skin types, but I find it’s great for those with dry or mature skin because of its tendency to go on smoothly. It doesn’t cake up.

3.) Stick Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

In most cases, they also act as a concealer. So if you ever want to use foundation in place of concealer, stick foundation is the best choice. Stick foundations are portable and travel-friendly so you never have to worry about spills in your purse or bag. The coverage is heavier, making them perfect for covering up blemishes, red areas, scars, and dark under-eye circles.

Skin type best suited:

Stick foundations are best for normal to oily skin. If you have dry skin, make sure to apply a bit of moisturizer first because stick foundations can cake up on you.

4.) Cream Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

Cream foundations are thick and creamy and contain oil. These are available in stick, compact as well as in tube forms. Due to its thick texture, cream foundations offer heavier coverage and more moisture to the skin than any other foundation.

Skin type best suited:

Cream foundations are suitable for women with normal skin and dry skin. However, women with an oily skin should stay away from this.

5.) Powder (or Compact) Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

Powder (or Compact) Foundation is basically a powder and foundation in one and you can get it in several formulations. You can apply it with a brush, sponge or a beauty blender.

Skin type best suited:

It’s best for women with oily skin.

6.) Mineral Foundationtypes of foundations in makeup

Mineral makeup is made up primarily of minerals, which come from nature. For women interested in natural, organic makeup, mineral foundation is your best pick. Mineral foundation is best applied with a big, fluffy foundation brush.

Skin type best suited:

It is the best choice for sensitive skin and if your skin is prone to allergies.

7.) Tinted Moisturizer:types of foundations in makeup

If you’re looking for a heavier coverage than this is not right for you. If you want something light and to even out your skin tone then perhaps Tinted Moisturizer is the way to go.

Skin type best suited: 

Tinted moisturizers are best suited for those with a dry skin.

8.) Spray Foundation:types of foundations in makeup

As it is clear from the name, spray foundations come in the form of a spray. When makeup tends to fade after long hours, spray foundations come to the rescue. Once sprayed over the face, it refreshes the makeup.

Skin type best suited: 

Spray foundations are suitable for sensitive skin.

So, I hope now you know a little more about the different types of foundations in makeup and the skin type best suited for them.



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