Types of coffee: All you need to know

We all have seen these machines! Workplace, study rooms, social clubs and yes coffee shops. There are chances you are just pressing buttons and trying almost everything on that machine and actually brewing your cup wrong! Like yes – very wrong! There is obviously some alchemy behind these tags “espresso” “latte” “cappuccino” and we should know about it to make the best of it!

coffee machine

This post is a short briefing on coffee types and coffee couplings. Read ahead to make the most of your next cup of coffee!

1.) Espressocoffee, espresso

The most concentrated one. No milk. This is made by forcing pressurized hot water through fine coffee powder. It has a thick consistency.
you can just have it all by itself or pair it with a toast.

2.) Americano

coffee, americano

Well here it is espresso with some additional water. Simply put – diluted espresso. This again can be had with toast or lemon pound cake/lemon pound.

3.) Mocha

mocha, coffee

If you love coffee and you love chocolate then mocha is what you need. It is a combination of espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce with some creamy topping and a chocolate garnishing. Yummmmm! You can have this with nutty or fruity bread or butter croissants.

4.) Cappuccino

cappuccino, coffee

This is espresso + frothy milk. And you need a good big cup. A cappuccino cup. Make espresso and pour it in the cup. Like a teaspoon of coffee powder and some steaming hot water. Beat some fresh cool milk in a separate container till you see some tiny bubbles forming. If you notice stiff white peaks forming in the milk, then it is ready to be added to the cup with espresso.Add some cinnamon powder on top for a flavor or instead go for cinnamon muffins or bran muffins along with this cup.

5.) Latte

latte, coffee



This is espresso + milk again. But then what is the difference between cappuccino and latte? well, here you pour espresso in milk. And the milk is not necessarily as frothy and bubbly as it is for cappuccino. Some café might just add some froth on top and it generally is served in glasses. You can have this milky coffee with veg Panini or waffles or even tam-tam.

6.) Flat white

flatwhite, coffee

Well this is cappuccino but the milk here is very velvety smooth. And how does one achieve this? Beat it really well. The creaminess, smoothness and velvety textured milk foam is added to espresso. This is my second favorite after mocha. You can sprinkle some nutmeg powder over it or pair it with cake doughnut or a bran cake.

I am heading straightaway to the kitchen for my cup of joe.

If you wish to make yourself the perfect cup of coffee but don’t have a coffee machine/ steaming machine. A gas stove and some handy tools will do the job.

  • Beater: these electric beaters or battery beaters are easy to use and make your job simple.

beater, coffee

  • Measuring jar or a glass beaker: These jars come handy in measuring ratios of water to milk etc and also its pointed mouth helps to pour milk in a way that will help you try some of the coffee/latte arts you bookmarked on youtube.jar, coffee


  •  French press: This aids in making the base of all coffees: espresso.

french press. coffee

Do try and let us know in the comments below.


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