17 Things all Bloggers can relate to

Sitting at home behind our computers and wondering why no one in the world ever understands our struggle? Congratulations! You are a blogger. Let’s take a moment and enjoy the things only fellow bloggers will understand. If you are undergoing your blogging journey, you should totally take a look at these 17 Things all Bloggers can relate to-

Things all Bloggers can relate to

1.) WordPress versus Blogger

I bet you have read tons of posts regarding which platform is better because you wanted the best of the free stuff out there! This is one of the most common things all bloggers can relate to.

2.) The moment you realize the importance of self-hosting

Things all Bloggers can relate to

And the moment you realize all that blogger vs WordPress and WordPress vs Blogger research was a waste of time. Self-hosting is the key to all problems. Now you know that you have to invest!

3.) You usually have a handful of friends that you have never actually met face-to-face

Things all Bloggers can relate to

When you blog, you form a blogging community, usually becoming friends or fairly close with others who may blog about similar interests. Many of these people, you most likely have never laid eyes on in real life but still, you consider them fairly close friends. People don’t blog, don’t get this, and think it’s strange to have so many strangers on your friend list. However, if you are a blogger, this is as normal as having your meals.

4.) You can’t live without the internet 

Things all Bloggers can relate to

Wifi is your God!

5.) Social media is your oxygen

Things all Bloggers can relate to

What is a blog without social media? The joy of seeing likes on your blog post on Facebook and retweets on Twitter is indescribable!

6.) You are probably addicted to blogging

Blogging is always on your mind! You are always thinking of new ideas.

7.) You always find more ways to earn from your blog

Before you get your blog monetized, even a dollar seems like a boon. But after that, no matter how much you earn, you always keep wanting more.

8.) You check your smartphone the first thing in the morning

Things all Bloggers can relate to

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram notifications are always the first things you see when you wake up. There is a tough competition between these things and texting your bae!

9.) Bloggers never have a holiday

Apparently, there s no Sunday. You are too scared to take a break. What if the graph of your page views decline? Disaster!

10.) There is always something new to learn

There comes a time when you think you know it all, but after a few days, you realize that you knew nothing a few days ago. And that, my friends, continues till eternity!

11.) You can’t tolerate bad grammar

When you talk to someone making a lot of grammatical errors, you always ask yourself- “Why am I friends with this person?”

12.) There is always a target blog for you

You witness a blog going viral on the internet and think, “I need to do that.” There is one blog which is your goal to achieve, like when we want to adapt the style of a certain celeb!

13.) You are always worried about completing your posts

You lay awake at night thinking about how you will get all of your posts done for the week. There is so much writing to do!

14.) You become desperate for page views and become a spammer at least once in your blogging journey

Things all Bloggers can relate to

There comes a time in your blogging journey (mostly in the beginning) when you want to get your content noticed. So, you start posting it everywhere and before you realize it, ta-dah! You are a SPAMMER! This is probably one of the worst and embarrassing Things all Bloggers can relate to.

15.) People joke about blogging

Things all Bloggers can relate to

This is one of the worst tragic things all Bloggers can relate to. You always come across people who don’t take your profession seriously. They think that blogging is a child’s play and anybody can do it easily. Well, you can always tell them to get their head out of their ‘you know what’!

16.) There is always one blogger you hate

Things all Bloggers can relate to

It’s okay if you can picture someone right now. There is always one blogger you come across who constantly boasts about their success on social media.

17.) Being a blogger makes you unique

Things all Bloggers can relate to

You are different from the crowd surrounding you. Everybody has a million thoughts running inside their mind but you are the one who jots down those random thoughts and you actually make something out of it.

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These are some things only bloggers can understand. Bottom line, ignore the people who don’t take you seriously. Blogging is something that requires dedication. And if you are reading this, you probably have some blogging related achievements on your list. Just understand that blogging is a beautiful journey and you are lucky to undergo it. Keep going, don’t quit and HAPPY BLOGGING!

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