8 Surprisingly Harsh Truths That Prove “No Vegan is a True Vegan”

Being vegan basically means a person who does not eat or use animal products. But contrary to the thought I personally believe that no one in this world can actually be a true vegan. Many non-vegans say that vegans are hypocrites. Well, I am not going to that extent since it’s more of a personal choice. I know my logic will make people on vegan diets really angry but let me put forward some of my thoughts regarding the topic that I have researched about and see if it’s logical. vegans are hypocrites


This article is in no way intended to insult anyone’s choices. It is purely based on logic.

1. Farmers are using manure to grow your vegetables, can these vegetables be considered as vegan?

This is an interesting question. Because vegans do not use animal products, and manure is an animal product it is not alright for vegans to use or consume products made by the use of animal products.

During plantation and harvesting, many animals are killed. Also, a number of animals and are harmed and killed by the use of insecticides and pesticides as well.

I think it would be difficult to come up with a logical explanation for the vegan status of vegetable grown in manure. This is one of the reasons I hear most meat eaters say that vegans are hypocrites.

2. Vegans and Honey:

Vegans can’t really have honey as well because although no bees are killed in the process of making honey surely it’s an exploitation of the bee labor.

3. Vegans cannot use roads:

Now you may not have heard such a thing before but in reality, roads are made of Asphalt containing Glycerin which is an animal product, so that means vegans can’t travel by roads!

4. Use of Technology:

Everything from mobile phones, Television sets or anything that is made of plastic cannot be used by vegans as it contains Stearic acid which is basically made from animal fat. So no internet or mobile phones for vegans, and if you are reading this article right now chances are you are not vegan as well!

5. Use of transport:

The same goes for all the vehicles that are manufactured; they do have stearic acid and hence cannot be used by vegans at all. So basically no transport for vegans either!

6. Use of Houses, buildings:

All the buildings and houses that are made make use of sheetrock that contains stearic acid and sometimes blood glue. Vegans cannot use houses, buildings or offices and this is next to impossible.

7. No warm clothes for vegans:

vegans are hypocrites

Wool comes from sheep’s and thus all the woolen clothes become animal products and you can’t really wear sweaters, hoodies or jackets made out of wool. Also once the animal does not provide with the sufficient amount of wool they are straight away sent to slaughterhouses. This is quite similar to what is done to dairy and poultry animals, once their productivity is low they are killed for human consumption.

8. Use of Sugar:

Although sugar comes from a plant source it is a fact known to us all that sugar is manufactured by the use of bone char, so vegans can’t have sugar.

Vegans are Hypocrites: Yes or No?

Since most (not all) of the vegans have a tendency to place blame on non-vegans or force their lifestyle on others, to some extent some vegans are hypocrites. If a vegan blames a non-vegan for exploiting the environment or animal labor then those particular vegans are hypocrites as they need to take a look at themselves first.

On the other hand, not all vegans are hypocrites. If you respect someone else’s eating choices and habits along with following your own diet preferences, then, of course, you’re not.

vegans are hypocrites

So how the hell does one become truly vegan???😭

Well, technically you can’t. Even if you start living in jungles and grow your own grains, and don’t use any kind of technology or shelter still you might end up exploiting animal labor as you will be sleeping on the ground which is decomposed.

So basically anybody who says they are true vegans or a hundred percent vegans are just clueless about what being a vegan actually means. You need to understand that you can choose to be vegan as an ethical practice or for some health benefits. Still, even after being one, you can’t run away from the truth that there are animals being harmed constantly to support your survival.

So, these were just some random thoughts running in my mind regarding veganism. I would love to know your opinions in this regard, so, do let us know what you think in the comments below!

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