Summer skin care tips: How to take care of skin in summer

Okay, so it is that time of the year when your sweat glands are hyperactive and it just attracts all the dirt and grime possible. And in no time this blocked sweat gland turns from a mere itch into a swollen red rash. The question is, how to take care of skin in summer?

A few simple tips can be of great help before heading for the summer vacation. After, all we don’t want any skin problem to be a spoiler in your holiday plans.

Do use the below checklist before heading for your summer vacation, we have listed them keeping the word “Do-able” during your mini summer outing in mind.

How to take care of skin in summer?

1) Oily scalp:

Pack these:

Rose water, cotton pad, scarf, soft hair tie.
Now it is a big turn off – A smelly, oily scalp. Wash your hair on alternate days during summers with mild shampoo. Use rose water for last rinse. Ensure air drying your hair well before you hit the beach or go under the sun and start sweating. Use soft hair ties and scarfs to keep the hair off your face. You can even rub some rose water onto the scalp with a cotton pad by parting the hair multiple times to cover all of it.
how to take care of skin in summer

2) Sunburn:

Pack these:

Sunscreen, hat, umbrella, Aloe vera gel.

One word – sunscreen. With atleast SPF of 30+ and PA of atleast A+++
Few other words – Seek shade whenever possible and use a wide brimmed hat. Use summer friendly fabrics and keep body covered by sticking to full sleeved shirts and so on. The whole idea is to avoid exposing skin under direct sun. In case you already have sunburns, keep your skin cool and rub some aloe vera gel over it.


how to take care of skin in summer

3) Acne breakouts :

Pack these :

Non comedogenic cleanser, Face wipes, Sanitizers.

Now this is the most common and most annoying problem. Stick to non comedogenic products to avoid clogging of pores. Do wear clean, washed clothes.  Carry face wipes along. Keep a sanitizer handy, clean hands mean cleaner face and healthier body.


how to take care of skin in summer

4) Dry skin :

Pack these:

Mild body cleanser, cleanser and shampoos meant for swimmers if your prefer swimming this summer, Water based fragrance free moisturising lotions.
Dry skin in winters is still quite bearable but in summers it can get painful. Use mild body cleansers. Use luke warm or cool water for a bath. Don’t go for hot showers as it can dry out the skin more. Use fragrance free water based moisturizers. My favourite is Aquasoft moisturising lotion, review coming soon.


how to take care of skin in summer

5) Prickly heat :

Pack these :

Loose fitting summer friendly clothes

The sweat cannot get out of the blocked sweat gland and it starts building up under the skin causing a itchy red tiny bump. Worst skin problem during summers. Keep your body cool at all times. Wear loose fitting light weight clothes and do majority of your outdoor activities post sunset. Also try going for handbags over backpacks whenever possible.

how to take care of skin in summer

I hope you now know how to take care of skin in summer. Now the cliché phrase we can’t restrict using -“beat the heat” and enjoy summer spirit to its fullest.

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