Skin care in monsoon: simple tips for rainy season

The only reason I fret monsoon is the way it frizzes up my hair like a spun sugar and humidity makes the skin look so dull and confused: oily on some days and dry, dehydrated on other days. Over time I realized that regular skin care routine needs a good revision during monsoon. So, let us take a look at some simple tips for rainy season.

Skin care has to be very real and frequent in this season as your skin is more prone to bacterial and fungal infection.

Below are some tips for rainy season to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy:

1) Cleansing:

Cleanse your skin thrice a day. Before retiring to bed one can opt a double cleanse to ensure sticky grime and dirt is completely taken off the facial skin.


2) Scrub:

Exfoliation becomes necessary during monsoon. Yes, it has to be more frequent than it is during other time of the year but then make sure it is gentle. It should not damage the skin and invite more bacteria causing severe infections during monsoon.

3) Toning:

use alcohol-free toners. Soak some wool cotton pads in rose water and store it in the fridge, Use these pads as instant toner post your cleansing routine.

4) Oil:

Keep tea tree oil handy. It has great anti acne and anti bacterial properties.

5) Clay:

In monsoon our skin tends to get oilier and top it with the pollution, makes it tough to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Thus it becomes necessary to cleanse the pores well and clay masks just do that in no time. It also gives a cooling effect to the skin.

6) Go natural:

Use fruity masks this season. Go mild and easy on the skin. A honey face pack or a cucumber , papaya pulp for the skin is best during this season.

7) Makeup:

Avoid heavy makeup, refrain from using waterproof makeup when not needed. Any makeup, be it waterproof along with the humidity around tends to clog your pores and your skin is more prone to break outs. Maintaining pore hygiene is the best way to avoid any skin issues.

8) Pore shrink:

Ensure the pores are not large and once in two weeks make sure you don’t have a cluster of black heads growing. Dab a cloth soaked in warm water on face, this is gently steam the face and open up the pores, using a gentle scrub and black head extractor, move it across the nose and chin. Finish it off by washing your face with cold water and a natural toner.

9) Moisturizers:

Go for gel based lotions or moisturizers. These are light on the skin and won’t clog the pores.

10) Ingrown hair:

Avoid any ingrown hair by properly scrubbing and cleaning the skin before shaving. Also, clean the skin post shaving and with a clean cloth dab some olive oil mix with water on your wet skin.

11) Bleaching:

Best if avoided in this season!

Above were some simple tips for rainy season to help achieve a cleaner and healthier skin this monsoon. Do try and let us know how you deal with the rains and keep your skin and hair healthy.

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