Simple And Brilliant Christmas Nail Art Ideas- Festive And Trendy At The Same Time!

The festive time of the year again! Being Christmas time red green and black have to be the colors of the season. You might have designed your home and listed down a menu for Christmas. Dresses, makeup! all of it to look your best! We thought of sharing Christmas nail art ideas to make you explore your creative and fun side and to add to your festive look as well.


 christmas nail art ideas

Just the best thing about winters:- Snow!
You can either go for stencils or draw a simple one with a thin brush on your nails.
Anything in white or french manicure nails is not only elegant but also very Christmasy!


Yes, not just flakes defined but snowfall effect! This is the simplest one to achieve. You can have a basic french manicure base and instead of using white stripes on the tip go for a sponge. Lightly dab some white color on a sponge and press it on your nails gently, to leave spray like dotted tiny loosely spread white spots!


 christmas nail art ideas

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If you are not on the artistic side and hate spending so much energy on nail polish then you can opt for plain sparkle nail paints and glitters!
You may spread sheer sparkle color on your nails and then densely apply more glitter only at the tip or only near the moons.


This colors alone speaks of Christmas. Go for a wide range of reds and maroons. Opt for deepest shades. I love all reds by OPI. Next, you can also have an ombre of red and black with a sponge that is two-toned with these two colors and gently presses it on the nails to achieve an ombre.



 christmas nail art ideas

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Christmas and Christmas tree! Go hand in hand. With a thin brush load a green color and doodle well-spaced triangles one below the other. Just top it with a star and you are done.


 christmas nail art ideas

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Love red and green but also the elegance of a french manicure?? Then wear it all together!
Make a manicure base and dab snowfall effect with a sponge on the tips. Next using bobby pins ends to make two dots on the corner as cherries. Join these with a green colored twig and apply a top coat! You are done!


 christmas nail art ideas

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Give your nails a pastel-colored base like sky blue or peachy pink. Next, make a small circle with green color and make small strokes outward from the center of the circular band.
Spread tiny dots in different colors along this and you have a decorative wreath on your nails!

What nail art are you sporting this festive season? Share your themes and Christmas nail art ideas in the comment section below, make the most of this festive time and unveil your creative side.

Merry Christmas!

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