Side Effects Of Coffee On Skin

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So without a doubt, I absolutely love coffee. I need to have my black coffee as the first thing in the morning, otherwise, I just can’t function. 😀 But today we are discussing side effects of coffee on the skin. All of us do need to have coffee, be it at our workplace or at home.

Did you know that coffee actually contains over 1000 chemical compounds in them? Of course, some of them are beneficial for health. They improve our focus, keep us in a better mood and enhanced energy being one of the main advantages. But there are some side effects of coffee on the skin as well that you need to be aware of. Here is all you need to know:

• It dehydrates the skin:

Side Effects Of Coffee On Skin

Just like alcohol and sodium, caffeine present in the coffee tends to dehydrate our body. It makes out liver to work harder that causes a build up in the body that’s toxic. When our bodies are loaded with toxic buildup it tends to show up on our skin as well. Dehydrated skin causes inflammation. It causes skin aging due to collagen loss. When there is not enough water in your system you will be prone to having acne.

• Not to forget the sugar:

So I drink my coffee without sugar or milk, but in case you are drinking it with sugar, stop!!
Sugar will cause glycation that will lead to redness in the skin and premature aging as well.

• It can clog the skin:

Side Effects Of Coffee On Skin

In case you have acne prone skin, or you have been suffering from cystic acne, make sure you keep a check on the dairy you have been consuming. So when you have light coffee, it will work as an additional booster for your acne. Removing dairy can help you see a difference in the skin.

• Coffee causes liver spots:

Side Effects Of Coffee On Skin

People that have been drinking coffee for years tend to see some liver spots or dark patches on their skin. This happens mostly when you are having too much coffee and over time, your liver is not able to efficiently purify the blood. This affects the body cells, and that includes skin cells as well. This causes these spots to show up on the skin.

What can be done?

Side Effects Of Coffee On Skin

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It is highly recommended that you completely stop drinking coffee. But in case you are addicted to it like me, you always have the option to reduce the amount you are consuming. A cup or two in a day is fine and then slowly you can leave it as well. Also make sure that whenever you are having coffee, you up your intake of water.

Bottom Line:

There are many proven benefits of coffee as well, but then when we talk about our skin, the best option is to leave it completely. You can replace it with green tea as it has all the good benefits for the skin and is anti-aging.

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