Sexy summer hairstyles for all hair types

So! It is summer and something about the weather always manages to convince you to chop your tresses short.. or maybe shorter than usual but hey, not always we end up with a right cut!And that is when you suddenly realize that your hair has a mind of its own! Bad hair days become more frequent, you cannot go out with short frizzy  hair that would end up looking like a birds nest, you wake up to your short tresses sticking out in a million directions and resort to heat styling them  which  makes the whole point of keeping your head cool in summers go for a toss. And then the awkward growing out period! we all have had that one wrong cut and we know that summers would be the wrong time to experiment.
Then how does one style and manage long hair this summer? Well below you will find most simple hairstyles, of course, there a lot many braided hairstyles one can try but not everyone is good at it and we need some daily go to hair styles. And yes none require heat. Let us look at some sexy summer hairstyles.

1)Sock bun:

getting a perfect donut like bun is always a girls goal, ever thought of trying it with a sock? Sock gives your hair a frame to stick to, thereby adding more volume to your bun.

secure your hair in a ponytail at a height where you would want your bun.
cut your sock piece, choose a sock colour preferably near to your natural hair colour and cut the toe section as shown in picture.

Roll the socks from the toe end that we have cut upto heel as shown in pic 2. Run this sock piece across the hair in a way that its unrolled part covers your layers or hair feathers completely and slowly start rolling the hair along with sock towards the centre of your secured pony tail. The elastic end of the sock secures your bun in place. This method of making a bun is perfect for medium length and long hair.

2)5 minute updo :

Yes just 5 minutes and an elastic band is all it takes to make this versatile bun – for formal events or prom parties this bun will become your favourite go to hairstyle for any event. Brush your hair and secure them in a ponytail midway as shown in below pic.

Part the hair slightly with your fingers above the hair tie and create space and push all your hair and bun in wards.

Once you are done stuffing it should look like this. Add flowers or accessorize it with fancy hair clips at the back. This is by far the simplest bun and I sport it very often. This updo screams how easy it is to have a sexy and chic hairstyle in minutes. This again is possible for medium length hair and long hair and even short hair. If you can grab your hair in a ponytail, then you can sport this updo!

3)Half up half down :

have fringes and wish to tie them up instead of clipping them, then you can give this look a try.
secure hair in middle section and bangs, braid them till you reach the point you usually tie your high pony tail and secure the ends messily with a hair tie. This look is chic and perfect to keep bangs away from your face.

4)Braided scarf method :

all you need to do is braid your hair, the only difference is that the hair is to be sectioned in two parts and a scarf running across as head band with its ends will serve as third section of the braid.

Thank us later for these sexy summer hairstyles.

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