Secrets To Successfully Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship!

Long distance relationship – many are living it and living it well, while others dismiss this kind of love or concept of relationship. It really is not cake walk but hey, is that all? Does it only call for compromises?longing? missing? Not really! Successfully maintaining a long distance relationship is not as difficult as seems.

For folks who are already in a long distance relationship know how this sweet and sour distance can make the two come more closer. If you wish to make the best of it you can!

Read ahead to know how you can ensure your long distance is a success.

1. Daily Communication:

Don’t let communication gap create more distance between the two. Try communication daily or more often. Be creative and break monotony sometimes! Make creative morning and night greetings to each other. There need not be a special occasion, you can talk about the day and keep your partner updated before retiring to bed.

2. Don’t overdo communication:

No, we are not contradicting the first point! There is a thin line between daily communication and overdoing the same. Just because you live distant does not mean you chat or talk for hours together, you need not be possessive or sticky. Soon you will find communicating exhaustive if you continue like this.

3. Experience together:

Plan your activities together, go for camping,treks,live concerts together. Sharing experience with each other you only strengthen your bond and know each other more, You leave back good memories to live with when you are at a distance. Besides that even at a distance you can watch live shows online,shop online or play games together.

4. Catch-ups:

Ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities of being together. Having a long weekend leave, plan a get together or a catch up. Time and distance make your meetings most awaited and so is your intimacy and affection level!

5. Clarity:

Make sure you have clarity of how long you see yourself continuing like this and your opinions on commitment,etc. Distance can distant the two of you if you lack this clarity, there can be a case where only one of the partner is being expressive and it might get more draining.

6. Make the most of technology:

There is a great advancement in the way me communicate because of all the social apps and modern ways of communication, make the most of this and kill the distance between you. Video calls, personalized texts, pictures of your city etc aid in bringing you closer.

7. Trust:

you might have noticed how much we concentrated on communication in this post. It is because very often our communication behaviour affects the trust, and no relationship can survive without trust. You need not be worried if your msgs are not being replied on time. If you sit and fret over it or react to such situations more often you are only making distance do it’s worse job possible. Trust your partner, don’t be nosey and ask constantly about their whereabouts.

8. Ditch the technology:

Now I know you might be wondering why are we contradicting but we are not! Yes use technology to communicate but surprise each other with letters or mails! There is nothing more beautiful than a handwritten post message, you can surprise each other on certain occasions by sending your feelings across this way! You need not wait for valentine day to post a letter, every day is special. You can celebrate your love by expressing a gratitude note on your long lazy weekend you had in your bed! Just scribble add doodles and post!

9. Friend circle:

Do have a common friend circle or at least introduce each other to your companions. This only increases your confidence and trust in each other. Besides that your real friends will understand what distance and ensure to make it less hard on you guys!

Don’t let the distance affect your relationship. People can be distant geographically but close at heart.


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