Seasoul Massage Candle Review: Price, Pros And Cons

We all are aware of the benefits of hot oil massage. Be it a head spa or body spa or a Foot spa – rubbing hot oil instantly gives your skin much needed moisture and a relaxing massage too. In spite of that, it is not always possible to take out some time, heat up the oil and wait for it to come to skin friendly temperature and then rub it on your skin or scalp. With Seasoul body massage candle, it gets convenient to do all of the above. Read ahead for Seasoul Massage Candle Review.

Seasoul Massage Candle Review:


The waxy candle and wick come in a plastic transparent, cylindrical container. It looks like a tea light candle.

Seasoul Massage Candle Review


INR 300

3.Shelf Life:

2 Years

4.How to Use:

Just light like any other tea light candle and wait for the wax around it to melt. With help of a spatula take some product out and massage it like a normal moisturizer.


Seasoul Massage Candle Review

5. My Experience:

The product has a mild relaxing fragrance but does not stay on your skin post application. The texture of the wax is little grainy like India Desi Ghee. Thick to rub but spreads easily with body heat and leaves no stickiness post application. It appears like a wax but does not leave any white cast post application. I tend to use it only on dry patches of my hand and feet. I am not comfortable using it on my face yet, Also I prefer a good Bath post this massage oil candle.

6. Do I recommend buying Seasoul massage candle?

It is good for those days when you wish to pamper yourself before retiring to bed. Just light it up and rub some on your hands melting away all the fatigue. Also, it serves as a good Gift idea.

7.Will I repurchase Seasoul massage candle?

In winters I might again tend to go for it. It is instant and creative, and pampering self should never look like a task hence this product comes to the rescue.

8.Pros of Seasoul massage candle:

  • Creative packing
  • Unique idea of heating and applying oil
  • Fancy Gift Item
  • Does not leave white cast
  • Moisturises the skin well
  • Has a Mild, relaxing fragrance.

9.Cons of Seasoul Massage Candle:

  • It does seem to be fit for facial application- not as beneficial as oils and might be very heavy for the facial skin.
  • In warmer cities, I doubt the oil will survive the heat and storage might be a problem

10. Rating:


Seasoul Massage Candle Review

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