Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review

Before I start with the Sally Hansen nail polish remover review, I would like to tell you that Sally Hansen is a popular brand and one of the first to come to my mind when I think of Nail colors or Nail art and Manicure Pedicure products.

The shades and nail paint texture is amazing. They have a range of Nail polish removers as well, each with a different main ingredient.

I rarely go with plain nails or nails without any polish on. That being said, I was not a cautious fan or buyer. I just grabbed any local nail polish and nail paint remover. Little did I realize that the white flimsy thing after removing nail color with Nail polish remover signifies dry nails and exposes it to damage.

Upon noticing weak, brittle and dry nails I was compelled to change my habits at the micro level, and I want to admit that mere Nail polish remover change has benefitted me and improved the condition of my nails.

The product that I found to be the best of the lot is strengthening nail polish remover by Sally Hansen.

Read ahead to know more about this product in Sally Hansen nail polish remover review below.


Basic packaging in a plastic bottle with a screw cap and no stopper in between. The plastic is translucent and hence you can keep a check on how much is left and when you need to stock up on it.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review


325 INR for 235ml

3.Shelf life:

3 years


Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review


Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review


Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review

6. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review- My Experience:

I have used many brands and the few things I look for when I am choosing a remover is how efficiently it rids the color of the nail and in how many swipes. The product should not leave a white film or any dryness. The fragrance should be pleasant and not acidic.

And this product does all of that and more. It has provitamins and a mineral formula to strengthen the nails. I don’t know how much help and strengthening this product delivers when one has brittle nails due to diabetes or other conditions. But I, personally, have experienced a good health of my nails without peeling or breaking. The product smells good and the smell or fragrance will linger for a while.

7. Pros:

Does not leave a white film
Does not dry nails
Leaves a faint pleasant fragrance
Single swipe removes enough paint
strengthening formula

8. Cons

Packaging without stopper
not available easily

9. Do I recommend buying this product?


10. Will I repurchase the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover?


11. Rating:


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