Reveal of Uber A- The Dark Alternate Pretty Little Liars ending

Hello PLL fanatics! I know most of you weren’t satisfied with the PLL ending. Marlene said in an interview that the Uber A reveal was going to be heartbreaking. Clearly, it wasn’t. She brought in a random stranger and contradicted her own statements many times. All the chaos after the series finale prompted me to write my own version of the ending. Its based on one of the theories I wrote earlier and is certainly more heartbreaking than the original ending. Let’s take a look.

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale: An Alternate Ending 

Pretty Little Liars Ending Scene: Liars Sleeping In Spencer’s Barn

All the liars are sleeping in Spencer’s barn. Suddenly the game starts beeping loudly waking the girls up. This isn’t just regular beeping. The sound is same as it was in the dollhouse. Tightly covering their ears, slightly nauseated, the girls try to stop it but fail. Suddenly the noise stops and a robotic voice comes from the Phone in the game, “Let’s see whose turn it is”. The girls nervously stare at the game and then look at each other. Their pictures started flickering as usual. They desperately wait for it to stop, only to see that this time it shows a collage of all of the girls’ faces. They have to play this turn together.

PLL Ending: The Game Is On!

It displays, “LAST LEVEL- THE ENDGAME! FIND OUT WHO I AM TODAY, OR LOSE A ROMANTIC INTEREST.” Aria, Emily, and Hanna rush towards their phones to call their loved ones. In the meantime, Spencer and Alison look at the map trying to figure out where they are being led by A.D. “Oh my God! A.D. hacked our phones. We can’t call them. What are we supposed to do?” Aria exclaims!

A Surprise Death of a Romantic Interest Awaits!

She is interrupted by another sound from the game- “TICK TOCK, ON THE CLOCK.. 1 HOUR LEFT to find me. Tell anyone and a surprise death awaits you!” Spencer says, “ Guys, we are running out of time. We can’t call anyone and we need to end this today. Let us go where this map leads us and get this over with”. “But what if the sound of the dollhouse siren means that A.D is inviting us there to trap us again?”, shrieked Hanna. “Do you think we have any other choice, Hanna?”, asked Emily. “The people we love are in danger. I would die before letting anything happen to them!”


PLL Ending Scene At Rosewood High

Alison said, pointing out to the game, “Look, guys, it’s pointing to Rosewood High! A.D is in our school.” All five of them hold hands and Spencer says, “ This is all gonna be over today. No matter what happens we are gonna save them.” They glance at each other nodding and run outside only to find a black car waiting for them. The gates open. They all sit inside the car but they can’t see the driver due to the separator.

Pretty Little Liars Ending: Getting Really Close To The Big Bad Villain!

“Guys, do you realize that the person driving this car could be A.D?”, Emily whispers. Spencer replies, “Or maybe one of his minions”. Hanna says, “ Should we break this separator and take off his mask right now?” Aria glares at her with a stern look and said, “No! We can’t risk it! A.D has already proven that he is always one step ahead of us.” “ Aria is right! All these years of torture have proven that we are merely chickens with their heads cut off when it comes to any big villain. We can’t take any chances now. Let the chips fall as they may”, Spencer adds. The car picks up speed and the sound from the speakers says- “Get out and don’t look back.”

Shocking News At Rosewood High!

The car stops with a screech and the girls start walking towards the school. It is pitch dark and creepy. They open the door and what they see is shocking! Lucas is standing in front of them. “Enter one at a time”, he says. Hanna exclaims, “Lucas! So it was you the whole time!” “Well, most of the times. But relax, I am not A.D. Uber A wants you to crack the mystery. Why would he stand at the door?”, Lucas says laughing.

Aria Ridiculed For Declining The Offer To Be On The Winning Team…

“Remember Aria? You had the choice to be on the winning team. But you decided to support these losers anyway.” Spencer starts yelling at Lucas, “Unlike you, she stood with her friends you bastard!” Lucas gives a smirk and said, “It’s interesting that you of all people should call me that!” “Ignore him Spence”, says Aria, “Let’s go!”. “I said one at a time!” Lucas yelled, “Emily, go upstairs.” Emily hesitantly takes a step forward and then goes upstairs. “You are next, Montgomery”. Aria gives a reassuring look to Ali, Spencer, and Hanna and moves forward.

A.D’s Real I.D Leading To PLL Ending…

Suddenly a text arrives on Alison’s phone that said- “Find I.D, find A.D. TICK TOCK!” Hanna said, “That means A.D’s real I.D is hidden somewhere in the school. The clock is ticking guys. We have to find it.” “Well, I think I don’t have to stop you anymore. You all may enter the dungeon”, said Lucas.

The three of them entered and found Emily and Aria locked in one of the classrooms. “We have to split up. Emily, Hanna, Ali you go check in the classrooms. Aria and I will check in the labs. No time for explanations. Only 10 minutes left or we are screwed. C’mon! Team Sparia!”, Spencer said as the girls split up into two groups and set off in different directions. Spencer and Aria go into the chemistry lab. “Spence, you check in the beakers. I’ll see if the I.D is in one of these shelves.”

Spencer’s Flashbacks Lead To The Reveal…

Spencer froze and looked over at Aria with a look of realization. Her face grew pale. Her hands became numb. We then see a series of flashbacks in Spencer’s thought pattern. She starts to remember things and quickly connects the dots. Aria’s Pig Tunia.. Dead pig in Wildon’s trunk.. Hanna had to eat the pig cupcakes.. Aria’s missing file.. Her black swan costume.. the girls only began receiving text messages after Aria returned from Iceland.. Well, if she was really in Iceland.. The fact that she was always the best liar..

Spencer Finally Cracks The Code! The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

After the flashbacks, we return to the scene where Spencer is looking horrified. Spencer then says in a trembling voice “Aria, I never told you about the I.D. It’s you, isn’t it? You’re A.D. You’ve been this all along!” The camera turns to Aria and Spencer can be seen in the background. Aria stops sorting through stuff and then an evil smirk appears on her face, before she turns around to face Spencer. Aria then says in a stone cold voice “Congratulations Spencer! You cracked the case. Just when I almost thought you couldn’t do it!” Tears rolled down Spencer’s cheeks. 

“No! Noooo!!! It just can’t.. It can’t be true! Please tell me this isn’t real. Please! Just tell me that there is more to this story. Tell me that A.D. is making you say all this. Tell me that there is something that I don’t know. Please, Aria.. Please..”, and her voice breaks off. She suddenly yells, “I trusted you!” Aria still has that cruel smirk on her face.

The Biggest Breach of Trust Ever!

She turns back and says, “Well, that’s what made it so easy. You are the smart one. It’s tough to fool you without gaining your trust.” Spencer slowly starts to move towards the door. As she turns the doorknob, Aria grabs her arm, pulling her back, saying, “Not so easy Spence. Don’t go. After all, it’s team Sparia! For old times sake.” She then knocks Spencer out with a quick punch and ties her to a chair.

A.D. Takes Pretty Little Liars Ending To The Next Level!

We then see Emily, Hanna, and Alison investigating another room behind posters on the walls. Alison suggests that they go and find Spencer and Aria. As she is saying this, Aria arrives in the room with some dirt on her forehead. They ask where Spencer is and Aria says that A.D. knocked them out and when she woke up,  Spencer was gone.

Suddenly, they hear Spencer scream and quickly run to its source, Aria lagging behind. Hanna, Alison, and Emily run into a classroom and find Spencer tied to a chair, unconscious. They run over to Spencer and untie her.  As Hanna rips off the tape covering Spencer’s mouth she immediately panics, asking where Aria is. “She is right behind us! Calm down,” says Hanna.

Everyone Knows Who Is AD Now!

“Aria’s A.D.!”, Spencer reveals. There is pin drop silence for a while. The girls are too stunned to react. Suddenly, they hear a thud sound and look over to the doorway to see Aria dressed as ‘A.D’ (in a black hoodie and gloves) holding her phone, which is where the thud sound coming from. The girls look at each other in horror and dismay and Aria stands there, smirking, before saying “Surprise!”.

And Here Is A.D’s Most Loyal Minion…

Hanna is about to yell when Aria stops her, “Before you create a scene, Hefty Hanna, let me introduce you to my constant companion!” She dials a number on her phone and says, “Hello Honey! Park the car and come upstairs.” Emily says, “Ezra was your minion all this time? Is this why he came to teach in Rosewood?”

Aria then says, “Oh poor, sweet little Em. We all know why he came to Rosewood,” and she stares at Alison. The door opens behind Aria and the others see Ezra standing at the door. Alison, Emily, Spencer and Hanna start to remember moments when they thought Ezra was supporting them. After a few flashback scenes, we see Aria’s companion remove Ezra’s mask and turn to Alison. “Did you miss me? Long time no see, little sister!” Then he glances at the others and says, “It has been one hell of a ride!”. Aria smiles at him and Jason leans to kiss her.

I’ll leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination. So, what do you think of my imaginary PLL ending? Do comment below.

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