How To Reduce Belly Fat In A Week At Home: The Complete Guide

Easy to gain, Tough to lose – Belly Fat. There are many flashy ads with claims like lose 5kgs in a day or two if you join their Gym or fitness studio. Some starve and go for crash diets but these multiple folds of tyres down there are not going anywhere like that. Make sure you have the right combination of Diet and Exercise. Anything in excess is only giving shocks to your body which is not good in the long run. I have also seen brides going crazy a week before their D- Day over belly fat. While I don’t advise any instant health hacks because for me Fitness has to be a routine, here we have some widely practised methods and tips on How To Reduce Belly Fat In A Week at home and of course -consistency is the key.

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Main Causes Of Belly Fat:

Before we start thinking about ways on how to reduce belly fat in a week, let’s see what makes us gain Belly Fat.

1.Alcohol :

Heard of term Beer belly?

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Well, that term got coined because of the belly fat that alcohol drinks give us. Alcohol suppresses Fat burning. Apart from that some part of calories from alcohol gets stored as belly fat.

For any fitness routine or diet, this one has to be stricken out from your life first.

2.Trans Fats :

You will find these in packaged food, canned food. Trans fats increase the shelf life of such food products. Wake up, ditch the instant hacks given by the food industry and switch to a well cooked fresh meal over canned or packaged food.

3.Less Protein Intake:

Noticed your gym fanatic friend going crazy about KETO and hashtagging everything possible from #KETO #KETOGENIC #CLEANEATING #LEAN to what not! Well, High protein diet makes you feel full and boost your metabolism. While going all protein and zero carbs are not easy, increasing protein intake and taking one step at a time always is.

4.Stress, Sleeplessness :

Sleep disorders do lead to weight gain. And how do we tackle that? Well, give your body good 8-hour sleep to recover, relax, distress. It does go a long way.

5.Sugar :

This one needs no explanation. Try switching this ingredient completely off from your diet. No sugar – be it any form. See the change in your skin, energy levels, and weight!

Yes, sugar might give you that instant energy but it leads to weight gain. When we say sugar: you have to omit not just the crystal sugar from your tea but all the Soda, aerated drinks, cakes, muffins, sweeteners etc.

How does one begin with a lifestyle that promotes a reduction in belly fat?


How To Reduce Belly Fat In A Week: Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat In A Week:

Well, exercise to reduce belly fat should be on the agenda before any crash diet. Let us have a look at some of the exercises to reduce belly fat in a week.


Yoga to the rescue. Many of don’t believe in YOGA when it comes to weight loss. How to reduce belly fat by yoga – Vajrasana. A simple pose that increases blood flow to the organs of the digestive system which in turn improves metabolism resulting in the proper breakdown of food you consumed making digestion easier and less accumulation of fats. Practicing Vajrasana post every meal is a good way to kick start your Belly fat reduction.

How To Do Vajrasana:

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Get down on your knees with big toes touching each other, Sit on your heels with buttock resting between the heels and thighs resting on your calves. Keeping your spine and head straight rest your hands on the knees. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for next 15 minutes.

2.Bicycle exercise :

This has been my favourite. The best way to kick-start floor exercises early morning.

How To Do Bicycle Exercise:

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Lie down on a yoga mat with your hands by your sides and start paddling imaginary bicycle upside down. Bend your legs at the knee bringing one (right knee) closer to your chest and another one (left leg) away.

3.Crunches :

This seems to be the first exercise people start with when they look for flat abs. This does give the much-needed workout to your belly.

How to Do Crunches:

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Lie down flat on your back with knees bent and feet on the ground. Lift your hands and place them behind your head. Inhale well. Lift your upper torso off the ground and as you do that exhale slowly. Inhale again as you get back to the ground. A good 10 minute set of this exercise works well for a beginner.

4.Rolling Plank :

A plank engages all the muscles and activates the core. To begin with, start from a hold of 20 seconds and build it up to a 1-minute hold.

How To Do A Rolling Plank:

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Look for an even surface, placing elbows down right under your shoulders, keep your neck aligned with the spine. Support your legs with the toes.

This is the normal plank pose, to begin with.

Add a variation:

how to reduce belly fat in a week

Lie down sideways, supporting your body on your right elbow and right leg. Knees straight and hips should not touch the ground. Hold this position for 20 seconds, to begin with, and gradually increase it to a minute or so. Repeat on the left side as well. Never hold your breath during a plank exercise.

5.Standing exercises :

If your dislike floor exercises you can start with some standing exercises to reduce your belly fat and mix it with some of the above exercises.

  1. Standing Pike crunch:

Vertical crunches that will also improve your balance

  1. Torso Rotations:

Simple and great for core

  1. High Knee Chops:

Good workout for the lower body

For more on standing exercises you can follow this video by Fitness Blender on Youtube :

As mentioned earlier how to reduce tummy fat in 7 days is essentially a right mix of right diet and exercise and all of that has to be consistent because there is no such thing as spot reduction.

1.Oatmeal :

It has good flavour and gives your body the right amount of fibres over carbs, You can cook it Indian style with Upma recipe and stay full for longer period.

2.Banana :

It helps in getting rid of any excess water retention in the body thereby preventing bloating.

3. Yoghurt :

Again the Good bacteria in it helps avoid bloating and aids digestion

4.Breakfast :

DO NOT skip breakfast if you are heading for belly fat reduction. Running late or important meeting to attend – maintain a simple rule for your mornings: DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST

5.Hydration :

Drink enough water. It helps flush out toxins and don’t confuse drinking water with water retention.

We hope you gain a good insight at how to lose belly fat fast at home and accordingly up your fitness routine for a flat belly and healthier lifestyle.

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