PLL Logic: 22 Times Pretty Little Liars Failed Common Sense

No doubt, Pretty Little Liars is one of the best show ever! It has given us drama, excitement, thrill, suspense, many life lessons and frequent doses of reality. But has it ever occurred to you that most of the times the characters have literally failed common sense? Do you remember why A started torturing them in the first place? Because he knew that the girls won’t say a single thing to an adult. This was their weakness that made the show. Of, course we’re grateful for those stupid mistakes that made the show as awesome as it is. But if you rewatch the show, you will definitely notice that most of the trouble is caused by silly mistakes from one or more characters. Let us take look at 22 times PLL failed common sense. (Credits:  PLL Logic on Instagram)

PLL Logic:

1. Seriously, what kind of a smart phone is this?

2. Okay then, I can build a rocket, take a tour of the moon and stuff and whirl back to Earth singing Ta La La!

3. Was Shana’s mother on a hunger strike when she was pregnant with her?

Moreover, were the rest of them made of stone?

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4. And then you blame the police for arresting you…

Claps! Claps! Claps!

5. Oh, my sweet summer child!

I think Maya was the best! Sorry Emison shippers. But Ali did some pretty unforgivable stuff to sweet little Emily. Tossing a sweet heart like a toy? Umm.. Sorry.. Not done!

6. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

7. Do they possess Mrs. Grunwald’s powers or something like that? Or the witches from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals perform a locator spell?

We’ll never know!

8. And the magic continues…

Seriously? All that stuff just appeared magically? Wow, Marlene! You are great! So very great!

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