New Year Jewelry Free Giveaway!- Choker, Jhumkas, Bracelet and Pendant For Free

A big hello to all my beautiful readers out there! We all love adorning ourselves with beautiful accessories, don’t we? Unfortunately, in most cases, some of our fashion wishes are a burden to the pocket. Especially, heavy jewelry is something we all love to possess but not all can afford to. If you are one of the passionate jewelry freaks, then worry not. We have got you all covered.

To all those who have been wondering about the absence of free giveaways by Dainty Angel, here we are with a nerve-wracking jewelry giveaway! Let’s take a look at what exactly you are going to get for free by participating in this giveaway.

Exciting Prizes!

The lucky winner gets the following jewelry absolutely free!

  1. A gorgeous black beaded choker necklace

  2. Beautiful Kundan pendent set

  3. Heavy traditional ethnic silver metal jhumka earrings

  4. Oxidized turquoise stone inlay bracelet

So, without any further adieu, let’s dive straight into the details of how you can participate in the giveaway.

How To Participate In The Giveaway

  1. Since Elite Jewelry Store is the official organizer of the giveaway, to participate in it, follow their Instagram account right here
  2. Like their FB page here
  3. Tag AT LEAST TWO of your jewelry freak friends on both Facebook and Instagram pages of the store.
  4. Share this post on your FACEBOOK TIMELINE.

And you’re done!

Mode of Deciding The Winner

Lucky Draw

Eligibility Criteria

Participants have to be Indian residents.

Announcement of Winner

The winner will be announced on the official Instagram account of Elite Jewelry Store on 20th Jan 2019. So, stay tuned!



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