Nail art design ideas for valentine’s day

When it comes to styling, one tends to invest in statement pieces and with rising interest in nail art, it would not be wrong to say that a Good nail art adds a statement to your look. Also, it adds an obvious charm to your existing beauty! And need it be difficult? Well, not really. So, read below to learn simple nail art designs for your nails. Also, now that we are in February, we know that it is a season to have beautiful nails. Prep up for the valentine week with below designs and complete your look. Moreover, these designs are really simple! And by simple we mean the designs can be achieved easily and with minimum or no tools. And even if you are a newbie to nail art, you need not worry. But before starting this, you should first prepare your nails.

1.) I heart you!

hearts nail art, nail art
You will be needing Bobby pin or toothpick and colours of your choice.
Apply one or two coats of single colour on your nails and using a pin such that dots parallel to each other. Then, join them as shown in the picture below.

2.) Ombre/ Gradient

sponge nail art, ombre nail art, nail art

You will need Sponge and three nail colours of your choice, preferably shades of the same color.

Dab the colours on a piece of sponge as shown in below picture. Then press the piece of sponge over the nail and you have a nice smooth blended look! This is easy to achieve and goes well with any look. Also, you can experiment with a range of colors and even add the hearts on this ombre shade that you have achieved to make it more elegant.

3.) Polka dots:

dots, nail art

You will need a bobby pin or tooth pick and 3-4 colours of your choice. All you need to do is spread the dots evenly or in a clustered way over the nail. The picture is self-explanatory.

4.) Love letter:

love letter nail art, nail art

So, all smiles already? This one looks elegant.

You will need Nude shade nail colour and black or brown nail colour. Also, a thin lining brush. If you don’t have one, you can use eyeliner brush or a lip liner brush.

After all, it is all about random scribbles!

5.) Glitter : Sport this look and keep shining

glitters nail art, nail art

You will need Nail colour of your choice. Also, glitter nail polish and some dry glitter.

Once you have applied a coat of nail colour, use a sponge to dab some glitter polish and sprinkle glitter lightly when it is still wet.


A base coat is necessary to avoid discolouration of nails. And a top coat will help nail art stay for long.

So, are you ready to look extra special on this valentines day and mesmerize him with your flawless beauty? Do try these designs. Also, don’t forget to share the pictures with us!


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