Monsoon hair care tips for all girls

And Monsoon is here! Even if you have not witnessed major showers in your city, Your Skin and Hair are always there to remind you that it is Monsoon. It is basically the hair fall season in India. How? Usually oilier scalp and skin! Come monsoon and you will notice an increase in blackheads, whiteheads, Hair fall, Sweat and yes that means summers and winters are not as harsh as Rains on your skin and hair. So does your hair or skin care routine need a revision? Of course Yes! Here we are with some of the easiest and practical Monsoon hair care tips for all girls out there! Read ahead and welcome the showers in style.

1) Healthy Scalp  = Clean scalp

One of the reasons for hair fall and dandruff is Rainwater and humid climate. Humidity leads to more oily scalp and rainwater left on the hair for long leads to an itchy scalp. The best way to tackle this is with a more frequent head wash. And again more frequently does not mean regularly. Excess use of drying products will only make your hair more unmanageable. Use gentle hair products.

2) Deep conditioning

Your hair and scalp need moisture even during monsoon. You might have noticed how greasy your scalp is and at the same time, your hair strands are as dry and rough as grass. Balance this and pamper your hair strands with good oil conditioning routine. Ensure your scalp is clean before oil application, At the same time, do not keep your hair oiled for long hours or overnight. This is an essential step towards monsoon hair care.

3) Hair styling:

Avoid using hair styling products or dryer. It only makes your hair more frizzy and prone to damage. This is the major cause of hair breakage. Avoid tying your hair too tight, use loose braids and hair ties to secure hair in place. Tying wet or even damp hair is the worst thing you can do in monsoon or otherwise, it is the most common reason for bacterial infections or dandruff.

4) Dry hair:

Ensure you dry your hair and scalp well before leaving your home. Any dampness in your hair can only increase the chances of bacterial infection or dandruff. Drying here does not mean heat dryers, you should go for normal air drying.


5) Post hair wash:

Notice increase in frizziness during monsoon? Well, condition your hair really well during this season. A conditioner should never be missed: it is a must have hair food during all the seasons. An after hair wash serum can come in handy.

6) Haircut:

Get a trim or a manageable haircut. It makes your more frequent washes and conditioning routine easier. We know how difficult it gets to manage long hair during monsoon.

So, now you know the importance of an increased hair care in rainy season! Let us know your monsoon hair care routine in the comments below.

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