Monsoon-friendly fabrics: A guide to monsoon wear

As it has already started pouring in India and Indian monsoon is really heavy – we tend to put away all our expensive dresses and shoes or leather bags in a closet to protect them from the moisture. But that should in no way dull away the fashionable you. How to keep up with the monsoon in style gets easy if you know the right monsoon fabrics, monsoon wear and what should one wear as rainy day outfits.

Read ahead to get all your questions answered.

Any fabric that has high water absorbent quality is a no no. One can opt for light weight fabrics that dry easily and don’t stick to your skin.
That being said pure cotton and linen are not the right choices.

Below is the list of fabrics you can stock up on this monsoon:

1) Gabardine

This fabric can easily bounce off the water. It keeps you warm and does not hold water or stick to the skin. Plus the fabric has a rich look. If you have a formal event to attend and it is raining cats and dogs, not able to decide on the right fabric this one is perfect as a risk-free option.


monsoon wear


2) Crepe silk

silk and cotton blends can be sported this season and crepe silk is the apt one. This one again does not wick water or hold it for long. Go for darker colors when opting for this fabric.


monsoon wear

3) Nylon

This got famous as the “wash and wear” fabric. It is durable and soft. Mostly coming in blends with spandex fabric. It is light weight and a perfect replacement to any silk fabric.


monsoon wear

4) Chiffon

Wish to wear fancy and layered dresses or frocks? Go for chiffon dresses. Cute, chic, flowy, loose, dry up instantly, bright as well as pastel colors – this and lot more makes it perfect for the monsoon.

Anything in chiffon can make regular outfits into cute rainy day outfits.


monsoon wear

But then the question what to wear when it’s raining does not end at the type of fabrics alone.

One also needs to choose the right type of garment.

1) prefer knee length capris
2) Opt for floral printed loose flowy dresses
3) Keep it simple with skirts
4) Avoid tight body hugging dresses
5) Ensure you carry warm jacket at all times
6) Anything in white or light color is risky if you have a long commute during rains as it can get stained easily


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