Moiz cleansing lotion review

I have a combination skin with dry T-zone. I also have acne prone skin. I happened to try all the acne skin care products with zero change. It was very late that I understood the importance of pH balance of the skin and that is when I hesitantly, rather very hesitantly opted for gentle cleansing lotions. Hesitant because to me cleaning meant foam or lather. Now it has been a year I am using gentle face cleansers in either lotion form or foaming form and I am not going back to what I used earlier. That being said, my first try was with the moiz cleansing lotion. For a glowing skin, one should know how to use cleansing lotion on face. So here I am with moiz cleansing lotion review.


Just the average packing every medicated product has, White plastic bottle with click cap. It is sturdy and travel friendly.
moiz cleansing lotion review


INR 180 for 125ml

Shelf life:

2 years


moiz cleansing lotion review


The product inside moiz cleansing lotion

moiz cleansing lotion review

My Experience:

The smell is mild and the texture of product is not creamy or thick. It is smooth and spreads easily on skin. The product does not lather at all. I massage my face for 10-12mins with this and then wash it off. It leaves the skin clean and moist. There is no dry or stretchy feeling post its application and that way it helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. This makes it perfect for acne prone skins.

Being used to lathering or foamy skin care products which would strip oil from my skin completely made switching to this lotion difficult. But then I don’t regret it at all. I have noticed the skins texture becoming more even, smooth, healthy. It also works well in cleaning all the makeup. I use it three times in a day.

Will I repurchase this product?


Do I recommend buying this product?



I prefer products without any fragrance at all.

Moiz cleansing lotion benefits:

  • Gentle on skin
  • mild fragrance
  • Maintain skin pH balance
  • Cleans makeup
  • Does not dry skin
  • Affordable
  • Easily available at chemist Shop

Cons of moiz cleansing lotion:

  • Does not foam or lather at all

Moiz cleansing lotion side effects:


So, is this moiz cleansing lotion review helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


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