How I Met Your Mother Moments that really struck a nerve!

No doubt, How I Met Your Mother is one of the best sitcoms in the history of time (of course, after FRIENDS). The show can make us roll on the floor laughing and at the same time, the characters also give us a dose of reality when needed. Like when Ted is talking about relationships. Although he doesn’t have much luck in love, the things he says are really meaningful. Barney was a womanizer. It is interesting to watch such a character on a show but in real life, you would want a Barney as the person he became after he truly fell in love with Robin. Throughout its 9 seasons, HIMYM has given us many life lessons. But the below-listed instances are some those How I Met Your Mother Moments that really struck a nerve! Let us take a look at these How I Met Your Mother Moments.

How I Met Your Mother Moments that really struck a nerve:

1. The others just leave you alone to deal with trouble.

2. Especially if you think that your father is Bob Barker!

3. Like Ted found Tracy! (Not Robin- Sorry shippers)

4. Hats off to that person who can let it go.

5. Some things are just meant to happen!

6. Everyone should do this!

7. Stop hurtin’ people!

8. The journey is the best part!

9. That’s true love!

10. Dear destiny, please show some mercy.

11. Of course!


12. That’s the dream!

13. Even if you are an architect!

14. Stuck in a dead end job? You can totally relate!

15. Follow your heart, people!

16. Don’t worry, you’ll know it.

17. Girls are unique!

18. That’s the power of our subconscious!


19. When life gives you lemons!

20. BFFS!


21. He really thinks it’s gonna be just 20 min!

22. I wish there were time machines!

23. The bitter truth of life!

24. Dance away the bad time!

25. Have the guts!

26. Look at you, 5 years earlier.

27. Huh! Illogical love is the best!

28. Face it, people!

29. We do this every other day!

30. Well, I don’t exactly agree with this one but… Okay, sometimes it happens.

So which of the above How I Met Your Mother moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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