Last Minute Plans For Valentines Day!

I assume you are here reading this post as you started regretting about the time wasted in procrastinating for the month of January thinking of ways to make feb 14th special untill one night, supposedly, 13th feb you realised you are out of ideas and plans!

This post is just what you need to save the day! and yeah the date too!

Read ahead to fix something quick this Valentines day!

1.Morning surprise:

Make him or her bed tea or bed breakfast, surprise your special one with Your cooking skills and serve what they love to eat the most!
This lovely start to the day and see the energy or vibes you share post this! Amazing!


Book a jacuzzi bath or a couple spa session. Show them how much you care about their well being. Pampering is not about expensive gifts but some additional thought behind the plan will help you achieve more respect and trust in return.

3.Couple Activity:

Book a one day seminar for couple dance, or enroll yourselves in a dancing academy, learn salsa and do such new activities, gain new experiences together it helps to keep the excitement levels up in a relationship.


Plan a series of surprises, you can book online services that deliver bouquets and goodies to your loved ones address. You can probably have a series of gifts or surprises delivered during the day. This small gesture will leave your love smiling all day long with the twinkle in their eyes! Thats what makes you fall for them isn’t it??


Just pack some eatables and eat in an outdoor setting! Have a completely unplanned quick outing. This way you can break from your routine and spend quality time together.

6.Spread love:

Visit a old age home or orphanage and spread all the love among a larger crowd, Feel the good vibes return. It will not require much planning either. You can have movie arranged for them and enjoy along or eat together. The more love you share the more you recieve – simple law of attraction!

In the end it is your thought that counts, love can be celebrated any day, you need not let this day get all materialistic, just make time for each other and enjoy the spirit of the day!


Happy Valentine’s Day

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