Lakme eyeconic white kajal review

It is very easy to picture a black kohl whenever one thinks of eye makeup. But with recent trends in beauty and fashion: Eyeliners in white, nude, green, pink, orange shades have made it possible for everyone to achieve the runway look. And eye makeup has become a serious thing. Cannot manage to wing them? You need not. With such wide range of colors, a simple stroke of pink or orange on the lashline is enough! Lakme made white kajal available to everyone within budget and it did get a good response! Until then the humble black kohl pencil did not really face any competition.

I too happened to grab the white kajal pencil as soon as it came and here is the review.

Read ahead and decide whether to buy Lakme Eyeconic White Kajal or strike it out from your wishlist.


The entire plastic case is in white, which is good! Although it could have been more classy looking, a complete white case is good as you can find it easily when strewn with other kajal pencils in your bag. It has a twist up tube which is good, as you need not carry a sharpener along.

Lakme eyeconic white kajal


INR 250 for 0.35gm.

Shelf life:

30 months


Lakme eyeconic white kajal



Lakme eyeconic white kajal



Smooth and well pigmented. The white is milky white with some shimmer in it. By smooth I mean it glides very easily, for a kajal to glide so well is unusual. It is a kajal but it does not really replace the usual eyeliners we use. It is best suited for purpose of highlighting inner corners of the eye or the brow bone and maybe lashline but then too much application on lashline might look gross, the creaminess just clamps up in the lower lashline. Shimmer in it adds to the grossness.

Lakme eyeconic white kajal

Other uses:

Now I don’t find it useful in terms of kajal.
I either use it as

  • primer before applying eyeshadow or
  • Highlighter for brow bone and inner corner of the eye or
  • Lip contouring             or
  • Experiment with winged eyeliner look

That being said, this product being too white might not serve as primer/highlighter for all skin tones.



Will I repurchase Lakme Eyeconic White Kajal?

The colour is not really versatile. I would go for metallic or coloured eyeliners over a white one.
In spite of the other uses of this product – primer, highlighter, I would still prefer going for concealer sticks or nude eye pencils over a completely white one.

Do I recommend buying Lakme Eyeconic White Kajal?

With so many shades and glittery ones in market, I don’t find the need to go for this one unless you really have some eye make up look you wish to try only in white

Pros of Lakme Eyeconic White Kajal

  • Affordable
  • creamy,smooth formula
  • Complete white case
  • Glides easily
  • Multiple uses of this product
  • well pigmented

Cons of Lakme Eyeconic White Kajal

  • Does not really serve as a kajal Shimmer
  • Too white, might not go well with all Skin tones

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