Kaya Body Essentials White Protect Body Lotion: Kaya Body Lotion Review

Hi, my Angels!!! Who doesn’t love a delightful and hydrated skin? For that, we require a little hard work, which goes far. So to enable you to pick a body moisturizer proper for your skin, I am here with Kaya Body Lotion Review which accompanies three advantages in a single container.


INR 490 for 200 mL

PACKAGING:Kaya Body Lotion Review

Kaya White Protect Body Lotion arrives in a tall plastic white bottle with a flip cap which is very sturdy and travel-friendly. The ingredient list and all the other information is provided at the back. The light green mark on the front and the white bottle gives an exceptionally cooling impact.

DESCRIPTION:Kaya Body Lotion Review

Another Body Lotion from Kaya that has a 3 out of 1 recipe that levels skin tone, offers assurance from sun’s UV rays and gives rich miniaturization making your skin remains supple and delightful all throughout the day.


All the main ingredients are listed at the back of the bottle but main ingredients are:
1) Niacinamide is an amazing ingredient in the lotion which decreases hyperpigmentation and dull spots
2) Imperita Cylidrica, a herbal concentrate keeps the skin away from dehydration and thus making it soft and supple.
Has an SPF of 14.


Kaya Body Lotion Review

I got this lotion online as it claims to give 3 benefits-Even skin tone, Hydration, and Sun protection. It gives UVA and UVB sun protection.

The body moisturizer has a mellow sweet scent which is extremely decent and relieving. I think that it’s refreshing and not overwhelming.

The consistency of the body cream is medium, neither too thick nor excessively runny. The moisturizer mixes wonderfully without being oily or sticky. There is a shine and skin feels hydrated.

To the extent even skin tone is concerned, I have not watched any significant difference. It lightens the skin yet nothing extreme. While applying you can see a whitish cast that leaves soon. It’s a pointer that it contains SPF. So two cases of hydration and sun protection stand genuine yet even skin tone isn’t generally observed.

Perhaps with regular use, one may get that as well. The lotion is certainly hydrating without being oily which is one of my concerns as I just can’t stand sticky and oily creams. It gives a matte complete to the skin with a trace of dampness which I totally adore.

It’s proper for summers or pre-winter, so you must go and buy one right now. Additionally, this item is awesome for all skin composes, there is no irritation seen of any sort.


1. Has UVA and UVB protection.
2. Non-sticky and light.
3. Keeps the skin hydrated for long.
4. suitable for all skin types.
5. Pleasant aroma.


1. Contains parabens.
2. A bit expensive.




Yes. Go ahead and try it once.

So, what do you think of this kaya body lotion review? Let us know in the comme3nts below.


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