Is Veganism Overrated? Science Against Veganism

“Green diet is the healthiest diet in this world.” Most ethical people would generally present you with this argument in order to convince you to go green in your diet. Let’s pit science against veganism to get to the root.

However, this is not a known fact but we keep on hearing this on a regular basis. In reality, going totally vegan can cause a huge imbalance in your body hormones, especially if you decide to wane off abruptly from your staple vegetarian or a non-veg diet.

Did You Know That You Can Gain Weight Abruptly?

Science Against Veganism

An excellent example of this sudden imbalance results in gaining huge amounts of weight. Despite a vegan diet makes you lose weight, the huge imbalance and loss of nutritional source for your body make it build up its reserves, resulting in sudden and heavy weight gain.

Be Mindful of The Deficiency!

Science Against Veganism

Moreover, a vegan diet is often deficient. To gain the same amount of nutrition, one needs to consume a huge variety of vegan food in comparison to the normal diet. This also results in excess of one nutrient or deficiency of another inside the body. Often, if not followed under the supervision of a healthcare professional, it can cripple you for life.

Too Much Extra Effort In Keeping Track!

The biggest problem is the maintenance of your diet. If you look at your food source, you will find that most of what human consumes consist of a non-vegan diet. A vegan diet is very limited in its food variety and often requires huge changes in one’s life. As such, impeccable self-control is needed to maintain such a diet. You need to keep track of what you consume and what you are not getting in your body.

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Not All Supplements Pass The Vegan Test

Most people in this world are deficient in one mineral or the other. Pills for such deficiencies are more often than not are made up of animal products and extracts. As such, if you are to take these pills to live a happy and deficiency-free life, you cannot go fully vegan.

Final Words

This proves that a vegan diet is an unreachable dream for most, that is, it’s sweet to hear but nearly impossible to achieve without compromising on your health. Since there are no benefits powerful enough to suffer the load it puts on your body by making it deficient, there is no pressing need for you to exercise a vegan diet as far as the science against veganism is concerned.

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