Indoor Garden Designs: Mini Garden Inside The House

When it comes to having a home- a cozy one, greenery is the first thing to come to my mind. A bookshelf and small shrubs, hanging pots from the ceiling, succulents, Aquatic plants on the table are all I can think of. Having a Garden or a green Backyard is not the green space I can think of, I cannot restrict the greens just outside, I love to decorate the interiors with Indoor garden designs, give them a little zen effect with small potted succulents or herbs.

I have been experimenting a lot with Soilless farming also these days and have a green Bush in almost every corner of my house now – from the kitchen to bathrooms, it is easy to get the aesthetic look and it soon became my hobby. Starting my day early, tending my plants daily has had a very calming effect on me.

Below I have listed some ways in which you can work on the concept of indoor garden designs.

1.The Kitchen :

Best way to have a mini garden inside the house is, to begin with, small herbs potted in ceramic cups in your kitchen. It looks pleasant and serves in the best way possible while cooking. Fresh Basil anyone?

You can use empty milk cartons or ceramic cups, place them in a tray that can collect draining water.

Make your own garden soil with a mix of wet waste from your own kitchens like used tea powder and eggshells with Garden soil.

You can grow :

  • Corriander – sow some coriander seeds and pat loose soil over it. Don’t overwater it.
  • Mint –Left with spearmint stalks? Just pot them in one of your containers once you are done using the leaves, these stalks take roots easily and the minty fragrance is an added bonus.
  • Curry leaves– You can use seeds but stem cuttings make the job easy. This plant needs good sunlight so ensure keeping it in a space where it can get abundant sunlight.

You can grow many such herbs but above ones are simple to start with stuff already at home and are the most used herbs in Indian homes.

2.Bathroom :

When it comes to indoor gardening ideas, not all are comfortable with the idea of having plants in the bathroom, but if you try these small changes you will notice how they not only add to the look and feel of the space but also help in absorbing chemicals like formaldehyde found in many personal care products found mostly in bathrooms. Go for plants that can survive in the humid environment with little light – best picks are :

  • Sansevieria
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Lucky Bamboo

Indoor garden designs

3.Aquariums with aquatic plants :

If you are looking for fabulous indoor garden ideas then this is a must try.

Get a compact Aquarium and go for carpeting plants like dwarf baby tears.

If you don’t like the carpeting ones then go for Amazon sword, it is very common in aquascapes, easy to maintain and grows fast.

4.Hanging pots:

Indoor garden designs

These are the best way to save some space down and to give your corners more lively look. You can for flowering indoor low-maintenance plants like Geranium or Impatiens. Both require moderate sunlight and moist soil.

Indoor garden designs

5.Floor :

If you need a mini tree like well-grown plant at the entrance or the balcony then Weeping Fig is a good option.

Money plant is another best and common plant in Indian homes, it can be placed on higher lofts or bookshelf. You can grow it in soil or water.

Peace Lily – this is my favorite. It has flowers, is easy to maintain and grow, looks very pretty. I have it potted in a rectangular pot as a fence dividing the play area and study area and it looks very pretty.

Indoor garden designs

Indoor garden designs is getting popular with many people living in the cities as they have to accommodate maximum in minimum spaces like the corner or window sills, while it gets little difficult to maintain individual pots there is a lot that can be done to ensure you have a ready setup of easy to maintain and move pots.

You can find hanging pots, corner plant stands, Trust pot sets and so much more Indoor garden designs online.

Indoor garden designs

Happy Gardening!!!


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