How to identify fake friends from real friends

We all have friends in the real world as well as in the virtual world of social networking. But how many of us actually realize what it means to be a friend? What is friendship? We all have many friends on Facebook, but how many of them are actually our true friends? How to we differentiate between fake friends and real friends? Even if we have friends who really care about us, do we realize their importance? Do we make them realize how much they mean to us?

What is a friend?

Wherever we go we make friends. A friend is a person with whom one develops a bond of affection based on mutual interests. We do not choose the family we are born in. Friends are a new family which we get to choose on our own. Everyone loves their family. Most of us consider our friends as family. The basic difference lies in the fact that family constantly tries to change us, taking us towards our betterment of course. but still, they try to change our personality. Friends accept us for who we really are and get along with that. They love our real self.

True friends:

True friends have a heart to heart connection. Neither distance nor time can break apart a true friendship. Friends are angels in disguise who are always there to catch us when we fall.

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  1. Daily conversations are not a mandatory requirement for a strong friendship. The feeling resides in the heart.

  2. True friends express their love in times of trouble, not merely in good times.

  3. They understand what we feel without us telling them. They can hear us when we are quiet.

  4. Friendship is the silver lining when all we are surrounded by are dark clouds. Real friends double our joy and divide our sorrows.

But even real friendships undergo ups and downs. External circumstances give rise to internal conflicts. People grow apart and they are brought back together by their special bond. Friends embark upon the journey of life together.

How to identify fake friends:

To avoid a sudden heartbreak one has to identify false friends. If someone notices the following traits in a person then it is time to say goodbye and walk away-

1.  Fake friends don’t have time for you

You always listen to their stories with utmost attention but fake friends always seem to be super busy when you need someone to talk to. This means that they are not concerned about your well-being. They only want to talk about themselves and don’t care about what you want to say.

2.  Fake friends are suddenly available when it benefits them

This is a major sign that they only want to pretend to be your friend as long as there is something you can do for them, but not be your friend if they can’t get something in return.

3.  They are two faced

If they praise you to your face but make fun of you behind your back then it is time to part ways.

4.  They constantly try to change you

Always remember that real friends like you for who you really are. You don’t need to change yourself entirely for another person.

5.  They reveal your secrets

 If you find people buzzing your darkest secrets in the hallway, be alert. You have a fake friend in your life. Get rid of that person as quickly as possible.

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Importance of friendship:

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  1. You never feel lonely when you have friends and always have a shoulder to cry on.

  2. You never have to think twice before pouring your heart out to them. They listen to you without being judgmental.

  3. Most of them undergo the same things as you, so they understand each and every problem of yours without even you having to explain them each and every detail.

Friendship gives us so much. The least we can do is make our friends realize how precious they are to us and how miserable we would be without them.


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