How To Pull Yourself Out Of Depression: Stop The Slow Poison

Depression affects anyone- regardless of age, location, demographic, or social position. The question is- how to pull yourself out of depression?

WHO estimates that Depression can be the 2nd highest medical cause of disability by the year 2030 after Aids/HIV. Also, people who are depressed are more prone to fatigue or cold and illnesses that the ones who are not depressed. Abuse, tough childhood, Bullying, peer pressure – causes can be many and not all go for counseling or help in first place.

how to pull yourself out of depression

Some get bouts of depression, it keeps recurring. It becomes necessary to know how to deal with depression alone. That being said, help at the right time is a must.

Often we forget to enjoy the little things and make the most of it. Depression makes us less grateful and you have to channel your brain into better thoughts. You can push your brain into a better zone with following tips and learn more on how to overcome deep depression by starting small one step at a time.

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how to pull yourself out of depression

How To Pull Yourself Out Of Depression:

If you are asking yourself- how to pull yourself out of depression, then here are some proven techniques that you can try.

1. Meditation:

Often ignored, meditation does help you have a better control on your mind. It simply means to empty your brain and let it rest. No thoughts, no fears, no worries. Focusing on nothingness. Try it daily every morning.

Teach it to your children. I don’t understand why Schools don’t stress the importance of Meditation and other Self-love activities. We are only creating competition that is not healthy and affects many in a negative way. Inculcating habits like meditation in the early age are of prime importance now. Master the art of how to pull yourself out of depression by practicing and teaching your children – Meditation and Self-love.


2. Therapies:

Meditation needs practice. And I have experienced many people find it more traumatizing then helpful because they have kept so much bottled up inside that this sudden nothingness or practice of silence makes them break down and they fear to vent it all out.

Try out therapies like Art therapy, Colour therapy. These do help you concentrate on something that does not really invite thoughts, it channels your fears and worries to come out and leave you focused on the artwork.

3. Sleep:

Observe your sleep pattern. If your body resists getting out of the bed, remind yourself that you won’t give into your thoughts and get up, Jog, Jump, take stairs up and down but don’t let the thought creep in so deep that you spend days staring at the walls and ceiling blankly.

Also, ensure proper sleep cycle: don’t stay up for late. Follow a routine. Practice healthy eating habits that promote good sleep.

4. Pamper:

Pamper yourself, groom yourself. Get a new haircut, try on new colors and get yourself some new clothes. Get a makeover, concentrate on all the Good you have and remind yourself of all the Good you deserve and you have.

5. Treat Yourself:

Love cheese? Love chicken? Watch a tutorial and treat your taste buds, get the stuff and cook yourself a meal. Cooking is also known to release stress and Good Food helps you feel Good.

7. Journal:

If you don’t feel like talking to someone or want to learn how to beat depression and loneliness start maintaining a journal. Decorate it, talk it out by writing. Make sure you write a positive point about the day no matter how tough it was. No Judgements just letting it out.

8. Befriend a pet:

The reason, why people want to learn how to fight depression alone, is because they fear judgment. But a Pet does not judge you. Adopt a stray or befriend a stray. If you cannot have pets at home try pet therapy, there are experts who assist you with that, become a volunteer at the pet care organizations. There is a lot these four-legged balls of fur and fun can teach us. Try this and you will forever be thankful of attempting it.


The fitness routine is important when dealing with depression or anxiety. Yoga is the right mix of fitness and mindcalming activities. Stress, breathlessness, frequent panic attacks, nervousness come along with depression and yoga helps by calming our nervous system, oxygenate the body, relax muscles. Try a few poses listed below either with the help of a tutorial or a Yoga trainer.

  1. Sukhasana
  2. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
  3. Pranayam
  4. Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)
  5. Downward facing dog (Adho Svanasana)
  6. Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrikshasana)
  7. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  8. Balasana ( Child’s Pose)

10. Clean out your closet:

Getting rid of old stuff, clothes that don’t fit, electronics that don’t work is actually very therapeutic. Letting go of unwanted things cleanses your mind.


Blame Facebook or Instagram, the problem lies deep within. We tend to compare our life and definition of happiness with others. A single post can generate a range of emotions and you don’t know how to deal with it. Stop feeling bad about yourself. Stop comparing. Browse profiles with a neutral mind set.

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how to pull yourself out of depression

12. Corner for self:

Dedicate a space for yourself, it could be outdoors or indoors. Lakeside, Gym or the corner of your study room. Fill it with all things positive, place your achievements right before your eyes. Make this corner just for self, cozy, warm – and all about you. Whenever feeling low spend some time in your curated corner.

how to pull yourself out of depression

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13. Make somebody’s day:

Be kind, helpful, happy. Share a compliment or two. Make someone’s day.

Found someone in the common public washroom, tell them they look Good in that olive green color they are sporting, make their day. Positivity multiplies when shared. Understand that you might be willing to learn how to pull yourself out of depression but some need more love and strength from others they derive all the positivity from outside, be that source of positive vibes, lend a helping hand.

14. Comfort zone:

Step outside your comfort zone and do something new. It gives a new You and new found energy. Importance of attempting things outside comfort zone can be understood only when performed, often overlooked it can be the best tool on how to get out of depression and anxiety.

You cannot not love yourself. You are unique, you have come all the way and now giving up on some negative thoughts is not justified. You deserve all the best things and you just need to accept that there is something wrong and you need help, you can reach out to people, you can look for support online for example 7 cups or support yourself. It is never too late, learn about what is happening with yourself, accept it and take the responsibility to liberate yourself from this by fighting it – together or alone but don’t give up.

This ad by The Live Love Laugh foundation says it all. Together we can fight depression.

Well, I think, after reading this you might know a little better as to how to pull yourself out of depression.


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