How To Keep Your Body Healthy: Everything You Need To Know

Happiness is a State of mind.

Happy mind = Healthy Body.

We often come across these quotes and wonder what really is the code to crack happy mind and healthy body – that’s exactly where we make the mistake. We all consider this question ” how to keep your body healthy ?” so complicated that we look for codes or hacks. A happy mind and healthy body are not a big deal if you decide on achieving one. It takes practice, routine dedication and no it is not rocket science. Let us begin with baby steps to know all about How To Keep Your Body Healthy.

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How To Keep Your Body Healthy:

A. Food :

Nothing like food when it comes to listing best ways to stay healthy.

A small look at what works best when included in your regular diet will help you understand how to stay healthy and happy.

1.Nuts and Seeds:

Nothing like it, walnuts almonds, Flax seeds – stay away from lifestyle diseases by improving your lifestyle one step at a time. Include healthy nuts and Seeds in your diet – a handful of walnuts a spoon of flax seeds is all your body needs to feel strong inside.

how to keep your body healthy

2.Quinoa :

I love them for the nutty flavor, apart from that this grain can be cooked in many varieties with Indian spices – Quinoa upma, Quinoa in curd rice recipe, Quinoa salad. This grain is rich in protein, iron thereby assisting in weight control and diabetes prevention.

how to keep your body healthy

3.Yogurt :

A must: Healthy gut = Healthy Body. Always touted as a superfood when it comes to health and fitness crediting the good bacteria in yogurt.

4.Oats :

This has been doing rounds for a while now, Keeps you feeling full and contains a good amount of fiber that helps your body get rid of all the toxins. This too can be cooked in multiple ways or have it with milk as a quick breakfast option. Avoid flavored oats – Nothing flavored is natural.

how to keep your body healthy

5.Soups :

Go for vegetable-based non-creamy soups before any meal, this way you fill your body with right nutrients and don’t overeat.

6.Breakfast :

If someone asks you how to keep your body healthy, please tell them never to skip breakfast. Many people tend to skip breakfast: the fast-paced life and also our body clock. Many of us are not morning people and hence tend to avoid breakfast altogether. You are doing worse if you skip breakfast. Your breakfast should, in fact, be the heaviest meal from all other meals you have during the day and the dinner being the lightest meal.

B. Fitness :

Food alone does not help you to stay healthy and happy. Fitness routine does play an important role. Agreed Gym might not be the first choice for many but like we said – baby steps to achieving healthy body and mind is not that difficult.


Start with walking, post-dinner before bed or early morning whenever you find it comfortable. Push your self to 10000 steps walk a day. It isn’t really that big of a number don’t let the 4 zeros scare you.

Use stairs whenever possible. Download fitness apps in your cellphone that can count your steps. These things only keep you motivated to continue with your fitness goal making it achievable in some time.

how to keep your body healthy

2.Yoga :

If you are wondering how to keep your body healthy, this is the best possible way out there. It works on mind and body and that is what we are trying to achieve. Nothing like Yoga when it comes to having a balanced fitness program. Start with simple breathing and meditation techniques, even if you miss the Gym or other workout routines of yours, don’t skip a good 20 minute Yoga before starting with your day. It helps you regulate your emotions and aids in depression or anxiety related issues. Health takes a lifestyle to achieve and Yoga helps to begin with that.

how to keep your body healthy

3.Zumba :

I must confess that I am lazy. I cannot push myself for walks and Gym sessions but that did change with Zumba, This tempo based dance cum workout really is a good way to kickstart the day. Try it and you will thank us for this. The workout is just so inviting and is known to burn calories like crazy!

4.Body Clock:

I read an interview of  Dalai Lama and loved the routine they follow at Dharamshala.

Sleep by 7 pm and wake up at 3 am. I did try this for a week or so and it indeed works well for the body. But with the lifestyle people are living today – if your work hours don’t give you the luxury to adapt to this lifestyle then at least keep a simple mantra: early to bed. 11.30 or before you should retire to your bed and begin the day early morning with some time for self and fitness. Do not push your body to extremes.

how to keep your body healthy

Also, check out the interview of this brilliant fitness blogger and see what she has to say to you!

C. Self-love:

With diet and Workout you have done the majority of the stuff for your body and soul but to engage your mind you should practice more self-love, positive thinking and channeling the brain to push you only in the Good vibe zone to stay healthy and happy.

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1.Hobby :

Do engage in a hobby. It can be anything from knitting, cooking, painting to dance or singing. It gives the right exercise to your brain and much-needed meditation. I love to paint and I keep following different tutorials online, no matter what I ensure to at least doodle a day if not paint. It has become a routine now and does no harm.


We really tend to overlook what we have and crib most of the time. With all the peer pressure and rat race around it is bound to happen. Practice more self-love, don’t criticize yourself always. Focus on your achievements when feeling hopeless. Life isn’t as complicated as we make it by overthinking.


Have a social circle- big or small doesn’t matter. Engaging with people does help you in achieving a different outlook at the same single problem. No matter how self-sufficient you are or you try to be, social engagement helps in many ways. You can opt for dance classes or painting classes join readers club and keep networking. Socialising is not a big task.


Solve riddles, puzzles, Sudoku, Mathematics.

Anything that makes your brain think and not overthink or worry. Putting your brain to exercise is equally important as it is for the body. If puzzles are not your thing or join abacus or Vedic maths class, learn a new skill or a language.

5.Help Someone:

You are not the focus always. Feed a poor or a stray and notice the good vibes you get.

How to keep your body healthy and strong should not be a tough nut to crack now –  Work on yourself and not just at the Desk, find self in more peace, happy and healthy.





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