Healthy Foods To Eat Every Day : Healthy Food Items List

A topic that keeps trending or should I say the most hashtagged topic – Healthy eating. If you are wondering How To Keep Your Body Healthy, remember that diet does play important role in our physical wellbeing but going to extremes like no sugar or zero carbs does more harm than good. This idea of grouping food in sets and dividing it in good or bad is wrong. Have a balanced meal with 65% carbs 25% proteins and 10% Fat. You might have come across terms like good and bad fats same goes with simple carbs and complex carbs, include more of complex carbs in your diet like wholewheat, rice, potatoes and so on. It does become a little confusing at times what exactly is healthy for your body. We have compiled a list of vegetables to eat every day and best fruits to eat daily. Read ahead to know more on Healthy foods to eat every day.

Healthy Foods To Eat Every Day:


Healthy foods to eat every day


1.Oats :

If I were to think of something that is healthy, tasty and filling- A bowl of oats is what comes to my mind. I started off with oats and milk as a breakfast option, could not continue it for long as I don’t like milk and starting my day with that was not easy. A bowl of oats cooked in Indian Upma style or with nuts and fruits is filling, rich in fiber, a good source of protein and low on fat. You can make Oats granola bars as a good evening snack bar and carry it along while traveling to satisfy the hunger pangs. You can also mix oats and Gram flour to make a pancake.

Healthy foods to eat every day


Not exactly a filling or a healthy dish but a very important source of lactic bacteria that improves immunity, aids in relief from constipation, stomach acidity, strengthens bones. I prefer having a small bowl of yogurt before lunch. Go for unsweetened plain Yoghurt to make the most of the probiotics content in it.

Healthy foods to eat every day


This gained a lot of importance thanks to KETO all protein diet. I love the texture quinoa has once cooked it becomes fluffy and creamy but the nuttiness and crunchy texture make it perfect for my breakfast dish. I cook it with chopped veggies or add some in the salad. Some Quinoa, Sweet potato and hummus make up for a perfect Buddha bowl recipe.

Healthy foods to eat every day


Include salad in your diet, some vegetables do more good in raw form, and salads are a mix of vegetables to eat every day and fruits each with its own raw taste intact, combined together for a crunchy and fun flavor, visually satisfying. It is easy to make, can be packed for travel, the best option during summers when the temperature outside effects and lowers the appetite.

Healthy foods to eat every day

5.Dry Fruits:

This is the most convenient snack-carry some in your bag and makes it a habit to munch on these when hungry.It is better to have it over high-calorie snacks. It helps keep heart disease at bay and aids in maintaining cholesterol and Haemoglobin levels.


Easy to cook and so filling. I love omelets and keep experimenting with many recipes. Instant, healthy and tasty all at once. Eggs can also help you lose Body fat. This humble looking sphere in your kitchen is egg-ceptionally good for your health.

Healthy foods to eat every day

7.Roasted whole black grams or chickpea:

This is an excellent source of iron, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and low in fat. It thus helps in maintaining cholesterol level, blood pressure level, and prevents anemia. A bowl with chopped onion, some salt, coriander leaves and lemon juice as dressing makes for a perfect and quick filling bowl of evening or morning snack.


Healthy Foods To Eat Every Day

Craving for something sweet? Or an evening snack? Grab a fruit. Source of vitamin, fiber and natural sugars is a healthier option over a cheesy pizza or sandwich. Also, if you are planing to follow a weight loss program then take a look at How To Reduce Belly Fat In A Week At Home: The Complete Guide.

Go for berries like blueberries and strawberries or bananas and citrus fruits like oranges. It does help in maintaining good health, improve digestion and give a good fresh youthful looking skin. Berries and Bananas are best fruits to eat daily.

9.Green pea:

It is considered as a vegetable but is really a fruit as it contains seeds developed from a flower. This tasty power food helps in weight management, regulated blood sugar level, prevents heart disease, reduces bad cholesterol. It is easy to cook, you can have it steamed with some salt or a salad dressing you like. You can make Green pea Uttapa or have it in soup form.


Healthy Foods To Eat Every Day

Loaded with fiber and powerful fatty acids this is one of the Healthy foods to eat every day.

I hope this Healthy Food Items List helps you plan your meal and have a balanced diet. Would you like to add anything else to this list of Healthy foods to eat every day? Let us know in the comments below.

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