Get ready to be inspired! Interview: Katrina Jean Carter

Did you know that you don’t need to starve yourself to achieve your desired body? Are you aware of the fact that healthy food doesn’t necessarily taste bad? Do you know the real meaning fitness and a balanced lifestyle? Probably not. But you would know these things for sure if you had been following our Kat woman! So, here I present you the interview of an extremely talented lifestyle and fitness blogger and a very good friend of mine- Katrina Jean Carter. Get ready to say hello to an improved lifestyle!

Can my readers get the chance to know a little about you?

Of course! 🙂

What is the name of your blog?

My blog name is

Why did you choose blogging?

To be honest, I don’t think I picked blogging, blogging chose me haha. I never thought I would blog at this level or blog outside of a personal journal at all. However, in 2015 I became very depressed with a lot of bottled up a lot of emotions. Blogging served as a positive outlet for me to release. This was in 2016. Before that, I have been already sharing my passions (fashion and fitness) online through IG and facebook. Starting a blog expanded the range in which I share these.

What niches do you blog on?

Fitness, and Lifestyle.

What is your inspiration on blogging about fitness?

Though I have been physically active almost all my life, when I turned 18, my relationship with fitness changed as it helped me get out of severe depression. I used to keep this part of me a secret because, in a way, fitness was my superpower. However, it helped me so much that my attitude regarding it changed, giving me the desire to share what helped me to as many people as I can. Sometimes, social media just do not suffice and blogging allowed me to widen my range in what I share and how many I can reach.

How would you describe your blog in a few words?

The best way I can put it, “Delivering the best me, encouraging the best you.”

What is your definition of fitness?

My definition of fitness is living a balanced lifestyle.

Your blog has social media platforms for people to interact with, can you list them out?

Facebook: (pls feel free to add!)

Instagram: @KatrinaJeanCarter

Twitter: @Lakatwoman

FB Page: @Lakatwoman

Most people realize the importance of fitness but either they don’t have much time for a workout or they are too lazy to exercise. Can you suggest something quick and easy for them?

I honestly believe that having “No Time” is a sorry excuse. I wrote this article last year on what you can do to get your workout in when you really “don’t have time”. Do these 5 tips and you will find yourself working out on your busiest days!

Tips on how to squeeze exercises while going about your regular day!

What do you have to say about youngsters starving to achieve their desirable body?

First, always appreciate your body now. Second, your motives must always be to better yourself, not to compete or compare yourself to someone else. Third, with dedication and discipline, you can master and achieve anything.

In a few years, what do you expect from your blog?

In a few years, I expect my blog to feature not just my love for fitness but my love for fashion and life as well. I expect to partner with great businesses moving forward that not only gives me new opportunities but allows me to provide others with wonderful possibilities as well.

Since you have been into blogging for quite a while, any advice for newbies? 

My only advice: BE YOU and Trust your craft! 🙂

Thank you for your time!

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