Get beautiful lips for a plump pout with these simple tricks!

Let’s admit it- the struggle to manage walking out of Sephora or a cosmetic center without a lip product is Real! Be it a lip balm or a lipstick, there is always that one Shade we have to add to our collection. In fact, if it were not for lipsticks – ruby red, blood red, crimson red would all be the same to us. Every makeup enthusiast and artist knows how powerful lipstick is in creating any look. Owing to this, we better be incorporating lip care in our regular skin care routine to enhance their rosy pink appearance and get beautiful lips. Routine need not be heavy duty always. Agree? Then read ahead for lip care remedies:



The steps are  simple:

  1. Hydrate
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Moisturize
  4. makeup care
  •   Hydrate


DRINK WATER. These two words sum it all up! Water benefits not only your beautiful lips but skin and hair but also overall health.

  • Scrub


The dead skin better is off and not on the lips. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth and follow it with a lip scrub. It can be as simple as gently moving your toothbrush over the lips. But a little effort will benefit your lips.

Home remedy:


  1. Mix Honey, sugar, oil.The mixture should not be too runny.
  2. Take a pea size amount and rub gently on your lips. If you let honey stay on lips for say 3-5 minutes it will make the lips soft by conditioning them.
  3. Wash it off with water and pat your lips dry.
  4. Follow it with a lip balm.

Exfoliation can be done 2-3 times a week.

If you find sugar too coarse and harsh on lips replace it with coffee powder!scrub2

Just got yummier for coffee lovers. And if you are not a coffee fan then the cinnamon powder is a great option. It is also known to make lips appear full and plump post scrubbing.

  • Moisturize


Lips don’t have oil glands underneath and hence moisturizing them is more important. Moisture is not just about rubbing chap stick 15-20 times a day. When and what you apply on your lips is the trick.

What to apply:

For moisture, one can use Shea butter, petroleum jelly, coconut oil and of course DESI GHEE! Just dip a finger and glide it on your lips.

When to apply:

  1. Post scrub
  2. before and after a bath when the skin is still moist.
  3. And most important before bed- this should be a heavy layer of petroleum jelly or almond/olive/coconut oil.


  • Makeup care:

Watch what you wear:

Invest in good lip products. Yes, the shades of those lipsticks in a local store of a local brand are tempting but seriously is it worth risking the safety of your lips?

“I remember how fascinating it was to play dress up games as a kid, especially rubbing your mom’s lipstick on lips! Very soon my mom replaced the lipstick with beetroot fearing the harm a lipstick will do to the gentle skin of a kid. And since then beetroot slice has become a part of my routine. Yes just rub a slice of beetroot on your lips and viola! You can always do this when not really eager to wear makeup. It is safe, easy and edible!”

Post makeup care:


Now that matte lipstick are a must have in our lipstick collection, we all know how long lasting and pigmented these lipsticks are. Taking them off before going to bed is a task. And if you rub your lips to remove such products you are doing more harm to that gentle skin layer. Instead, take few drops of coconut oil on a cotton ball and glide it on lips. 3-4 swipes and the product is off! Even layering a good amount of boro line for 2 minutes and wiping with tissue helps in getting rid of the pigment.

There are many things available in the market from chapsticks to lip butter and lip masks. But are they really worth the investment? Not really if you maintain the above routine. So time to go ahead and flaunt your beautiful lips!


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