Face cleansing at home in just 10 minutes

Hello, all my beautiful ladies! In today’s hectic life girls need some quick tips for skin care to wipe the dullness off their face. In order to breathe our skin need those pores clogged by dust, dirt, and oils to open up. So proper cleansing is extremely important for a healthy and glowing skin. You can always go to the salon for a cleanup. But do you have the time and money to do that every day? Even if you do, why bother spending money for a look that you can easily achieve in the comfort of your home? I am going to tell you a really easy process to achieve pollution free face within 10 minutes by using two simple ingredients for full face cleansing at home.

Ingredients required for face cleansing at home:

  1. Raw milk

  2. Rose water

face cleansing at home face cleansing at home

How to do face cleansing at home:

  1.  Take two tsp of raw milk (NOT MILK POWDER) in a bowl and add a few drops of rose water to it.
  2.  Take some cotton and dip it in.
  3.  Slightly squeeze the cotton so that it is not dripping.
  4.  Dab the cotton on to your face and slide it across your face by applying some amount of pressure.
  5.  The cotton darkens a little which is an indication that your face is almost cleansed.
  6.  Wash your face with cool water and apply some moisturizer of face cream if required.

Also, ‘milk’ acts as a cleansing agent and ‘rose water’ soothes and relaxes your skin.  It also covers up the smell of raw milk.

Cleansing is always the first step in any skin care regime. Check out this Quick and easy home facial for salon look!


  1.  If you have oily skin then after completing above mentioned steps, take a few drops of rose water in some cotton and wipe your face with it. Again wash with cool water.
  2. If you want a complete salon like finish, use a tinted moisturizer or apply glow compact.

Do this skin care regime once or twice a day and within 10 minutes you have a glowing face to flaunt!

face cleansing at home



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