FRIENDS cast: Unseen childhood photos you should look at right away

We all know that FRIENDS is one of the most famous American sitcoms ever made. The best thing about this show is that there is no main character on which the whole series revolves. Each and every character is given equal importance. Six youngsters and their life in New York city is not exactly a unique idea. But the way this show has portrayed it is indeed remarkable! It is way more relatable than any other sitcom. It actually shows real life with a punch of comedy. The entire FRIENDS cast teaches us that no matter how tensed we are or how difficult situation we are facing, we can always tackle it and laugh it off later.

Each and every character teaches us something. Be it Phoebe’s cheerful way of leaving behind a tragic past or Rachel’s bravery to run out on her wedding to explore more life. Moreover, One cannot deny about all the beautiful lessons Joey and Chandler’s bromance taught us about Friendship. Monica and Chandler gave us serious relationship goals while Ross and Rachel taught us that no matter what happens, we always find a way back to our soulmate. It is natural to find out as much as possible about the actors behind these amazing and relatable characters. So, let us take a look at the FRIENDS cast: Unseen photos.

1.) Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)

FRIENDS cast: Unseen photos

Could he be any cuter? I still don’t understand why his looks were so underrated on FRIENDS. He is a part bunny (As he said in Season 5- “My grandma was a tiny little bunny”)!

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