Footwear for rainy season- A guide to monsoon footwear

With the season of puddles and splashes – sometimes it gets tempting to step into a water puddle and other times you are left with no choice. Thus, wearing right Footwear for rainy season at all times becomes very important to avoid any fungal skin infection.

Here we are with a quick monsoon footwear guide:

Because life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain!

OK, this got philosophical! See- that is what monsoon does to me! Let us begin with what exactly are the options available when one says – Footwear for rainy season:

1) Colorful flip-flops:

I wait for monsoons for this one reason! Bright, cute, rubber flipflops. If I wear one I have to go out and step into every puddle possible even if I have a dry patch of the walkway around!
It is washable – in fact, I would say instant washable footwear. No murk sticks to it, a plash of water and they are back shining bright.

Footwear for rainy season

2) Rubber shoes :

Ideal for college wear or a casual wear. If you are a shoe person but cannot sport one due to monsoon, here you have these rubber or plastic shoes for the rescue. No socks nothing and the comfort of a sport shoe intact! Plus the wide range of colors!

Footwear for rainy seasonFootwear for rainy season

3) Ballerinas :

Ballerinas are a must have, but how to sport one when it is pouring?

Rubber and lycra ballerinas – also with peep toe options! Definitely a must have


Footwear for rainy season

4) Strappy sandals:

Simple flip flops or chappals get a little risky as you footwear is constantly wet which your feet slippery. Instead of trying to grip a footwear look for strappy sandals that keep your feet in place and you definitely can go hopping around with these.

5) Jelly Footwear:

These are becoming famous for all the right reasons:

  1. fancy
  2. colorful – fluorescent
  3. Monsoon friendly
  4. Budget friendly


Footwear for rainy season

And no, these options or not limited to monsoon footwear for ladies section.
There is a similar variety of monsoon footwear for men too.


  • Avoid heels
  • Avoid tight and covered footwear
  • Avoid socks and shoes

So now we know “rainy season shoes” does not mean gum boots alone!

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