Foot care tips for rainy season

No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from rain water, It is impossible to keep our feet all clean and dry. All the splish, splash and puddles during monsoon make it necessary to take proper care of your feet to avoid any fungal or bacterial infection. And no, Gumboots are not always practical. Then how does one take care of their feet in the monsoon? Read ahead to know more on how to maintain complete feet hygiene and not let the mucky waters affect the monsoon spirit with our foot care tips.


foot care tips

1) Trim your toe nails:

This tops our list of foot care tips for a basic reason – hygiene! Trim them now. Keep them short. Reduce the chances of any dirt accumulating underneath the nails.


foot care tips

2) Foot cleanser:

Keep a liquid wash handy, Your feet need a good cleanse during the monsoon. Humidity, damp footwear, and sweat it all calls for an infection. Ensure you use a good liquid wash on feet once home and pat them dry. Especially between the toes, the skin there is very sensitive and houses all the germs. You can even dust anti fungal powder between the toes to keep the inner skin dry.


foot care tips

3) Scrub:

Be gentle with scrubs, due to rains the skin is already very moist and over scrubbing can cause cuts and again the murky waters plus the bacteria, it only increases the chances of infection. Use pumice stone for heel. For foot care home remedy to get rid of dead skin, you can use oil and coffee powder as a scrub and give it a good rinse with rose water before patting your feet dry.


foot care tips

4) Clean your footwear:

Any daily foot care routine is a fail if you don’t wear a clean footwear. Wear open footwear and ensure you clean it before wearing. Invest in water proof wear, wearing old regular padded soft sandals in monsoon will hold moisture and even stink. Wearing damp footwear all day long at the workplace is not advisable.

5) Avoid socks:

Do not wear socks! It again holds back any moisture and no that is not what we want during rains. And again socks will stink bad when left damp for long.

6) Cuticle:

Do not tear or pull the cuticles and cause open wounds on feet. Again, keeping feet all dry when it is raining is tough and going out with broken cuticles or wounded feet is only inviting infection. Use a cuticle cream in the night if you have any dryness.
For healthy, bacteria free cuticle you can soak your feet in warm water with few drops of dettol and give your feet a good anti bacterial rinse.


foot care tips

7) Avoid smelly feet:

If your feet tend to stink in spite of taking above measures use talcum powder along with some powdered camphor and dust it on your feet.


foot care tips

With above easy and do-able foot care tips you know how to take care of feet at home, while you enjoy the showers. Happy monsoon readers!





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