Face scrubbing at home- The ultimate guide

A grooming manual always stresses on this point: exfoliate your way to clearer, brighter, healthier skin. The whole point of exfoliating or face scrubbing is to remove dead skin cells that clog the pores and that certainly means over-scrubbing can irritate the crap out of your skin.

This removal of dead skin cells makes your skin more healthy, bright, gives it the right amount of massage making it soft. In fact using a scrub before shaving also helps prevent ingrown hairs. And hey, you don’t need to book an appointment with the beautician right away. Read ahead to know more on face scrubbing at home.

Face scrubbing at home

Before getting to simple homemade face scrub for glowing skin recipes, don’t forget – scrubbing is not a part of your daily skin care routine but yes it should have a routine. Twice or once a week should be enough. Also, choose the scrub as per the purpose, the scrub particles should be more coarse for elbows, knees, feet and less coarse for the facial skin.

Alavoidvoid using them if you have any cuts and bruises on the skin.
There is a lot in the market to choose from. A right balance between chemical scrub and manual scrub will ensure healthy skin. You might have come across many face wash or body wash with AHA BHA in it, these are nothing but chemicals that help whisk away the dead skin layer thereby rejuvenating the skin. But  if you like making your own scrub and stay natural we have a few homemade  scrub recipes for glowing skin listed below :

1)Red lentils :

you can grind red lentils or “masoor daal” in fine powder and use it with coconut oil/milk or plain water as a face scrub. If you are not a fan of any strong or typical fragrances then this is the best scrub. Also it is easy to carry in a travel friendly container or zip loc pouch. You can use it as a face pack cum scrub. Make a paste using this powder and milk and let it sit on your facial skin for 10 mins, scrub it with water in circular motion before washing it off completely. This also helps get rid of tan.

Face scrubbing at home

2)Coffee powder :

for all the coffee lovers this scrub is perfect way to start the morning with. You need to grind coffee beans into find powder. Remember not to use coffee powder packs with any flavours and preservatives and instead go with the option of grinding the beans. You can use this scrub with oil or with plain water.  Caffeine tightens and provides anti oxidants  to the skin resulting in smoother firmer skin.Easy to carry or store.

Face scrubbing at home

3)Sugar and honey:

just so yummy! This scrub is best as body scrub avoiding the facial skin, mainly because the sugar is a little extra coarse for the delicate skin on face and around eyes. Honey helps control acne causing bacteria and helps keep the skin moist, soothes any irritated skin and helps add a glow to your skin. This homemade face scrub with honey should be a must, specially to prep the skin before shaving and keeping ingrown hair problems away.

Face scrubbing at home

4)Orange peel :

It has a citrusy smell and that makes it perfect for summers. Plus orange benefits your skin in many ways and this scrub is gentle on skin. You just need to sun dry orange peels and powder them. Storing is easy, fragrance is rejuvenating and again easy to carry.

Face scrubbing at home

Using kitchen ingredients to enhance beauty is very common to many of us and many a times we consider them 100% side effect free. However one needs to be careful with what goes on your face. Disturbing pH balance of the skin can lead to breakouts and other skin problems. Using baking soda or lemon juice directly on skin can do more harm than good and hence we listed gentle forms of exfoliation with homemade face scrub recipes for glowing skin.

Happy summers!

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