Closet Organization Tips: DIY Closet Organization Ideas On A Budget

Having it all but not able to find it when it is needed the most – we all face this. No matter how much we organize our apartment or closets there will be that one thing you will mess your entire space for. Probably because most of us confuse organizing with cleanliness and end up stacking everything in a corner or a drawer. Organising is a lot more than just stacking things in a corner. You have to think about how frequent you use them, their worth, etc and accordingly make it accessible. We have collated a list of some DIY closet organization ideas on a budget that has been tried and proved very practical.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget

Let us begin with the basic question How do I organize my closet?

You need to declutter before organizing.

Getting rid of the old, unwanted things is really both a healing as well as practical thing, to begin with.

Make three baskets :

  • Things in use
  • You have not used these things in the last 6 months
  • Things that can be reused by somebody else – charity etc.

Now the main Question – how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes?

1.Basic Equipment :

Get yourself a good hanging laundry bag, a common habit of hanging clothes on your door or at the back on random hooks is a messy idea.

Get a set of good sturdy hangers with pins for fabrics that don’t stay on it for long.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget


Divide your clothes into what you wear frequently or occasionally.

Anything more frequent has to be the first that meets your eye when you open your closet. Party wear can be packed and kept in the least accessible place or corner of the closet.

If you have many colors, arrange them keeping color code in line.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget


Reuse shoeboxes, egg crates, Chocolate cases to organize your jewelry, keys or such small things that are not easy to locate otherwise. This is one of the best ways to organize your stuff if you are looking for DIY closet organization ideas on a budget.

4.Drawers :

PVC pipe organizer: This is my favorite. Clothes that don’t tend to crease can be stacked in PVC cut-outs. It helps in making the best of space available in your drawers.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget


Wish to save some more time early morning? Tag your attire in advance during the weekend for Monday Tuesday and so on


A single hanger and unused bangles are all you need for this DIY closet organizer.

Arrange the bangles as reflecting in the picture below and tie your scarves, tie or socks across these.

7.Door :

Make use of the surface of a door by placing some hooks on it and you can hang in your jewelry, glares, watch, sling bags. Plus it is clearly visible so no need to hunt your matching pair of earrings or watch in a box.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget

8.Pocket organizer:

These are great for anything and everything, it does not take much space and makes your closet look neat.

9.Jewellery :

The Ferrero Roche container or any cupcake lining set with a container can be used to store earrings and rings.

You can hang your neckpieces in a pattern on the door or invest in a Good jewelry case and keep them packed. Bangles can be stacked in a Hanger or on a bottleneck.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget

10.Mobile box:

One of the most relevant DIY closet organization ideas on a budget! The boxes that come with your handset are sturdy and small compact enough to be pushed into a small space. They look sleek and you can keep in anything from cash to jewelry or medicines in it.

They make up for great desk organizers, just Paint it in your choice of color and stick a piece of lace.

For every minute spent organizing- an Hour is earned.

Decluttering is important – both for mental as well as physical well-being. Organising is something we need to practice more often. The way a person organizes speaks volumes about how much they value their time.

I hope you find these closet organization tips useful and do let us know how you organize your closet and make the most of the small spaces available here and there. So, did you find our DIY closet organization ideas on a budget helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


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