The body shop body mist review ( Moringa and white musk)

I am sure we all have come across these mist bottles but end up buying perfumes or deo instead! Mists are boon for people who need light notes of fragrance that won’t irritate their sensitive nose, something that doesn’t go right up to your co-worker’s nose and tell them that you have entered the cubicle. Yes Mists are not as long lasting as perfumes but hey, there are ways to make it last longer and many times it is the fading scent that smells good, relaxing, soothing – this can be achieved with mists! I am reviewing two mists here (from the body shop body mist), perfect for summers and easily available online! Here is the body shop body mist review-

Products included here in the body shop product reviews:

1.) The body shop moringa body mist reviewThe body shop body mist review

2.) The body shop white musk body mist reviewThe body shop body mist review

I love them and keep repurchasing every year either for self or as a gift.

How is mist different from perfume? (perfume vs mist)


1) water based formula–diluted and hence might get evaporated quickly.
2) no strong smell, light notes
3) can be applied on skin
4) cheaper than perfumes, mainly because it is diluted and percentage of essential oil is lesser than it is in perfumes

Packaging:The body shop body mist review

Sturdy see through a glass bottle, not travel-friendly as it is breakable but you can carry it in a bubble wrap, glass is not that delicate. Spray cap is a fine mist and is my favorite part, its spritz distributes the product evenly.


Moringa – INR 795 for 100ml

Buy Here
White musk– INR 1195 for 100 ml

Buy Here


Moringa: Floral, moringa extracts. It is floral but not sweet. Very refreshing- it reminds me of a spring breeze. The light floral fragrance of frangipani or the Indian jasmine in summers which is Soft, spa like

White Musk: Well this fragrance is available in many brands and its cheaper versions are available. This mist has very mild floral scent – it has the right mix of some vanilla, jasmine and maybe some notes of rose. It fades slightly and its hints will remain throughout the day. Do not compare it with other musk options available in the market, most of them have strong alcohol content which overpowers the musk fragrance.The body shop body mist review

Staying power:

Won’t stay throughout the day, you have to reapply during the day. But leaves a mild fragrance on the skin which is how I like it. Staying power of White musk is better than that of Moringa.


Moringa: 4.5/5
White musk: 3.8/5


  1. light, mild fragrances.
  2. Nongreasy, gets absorbed quickly.
  3. good fine misty spray cap
  4. see through glass packaging
  5. easily available in TBS stores or online

Cons :

not a travel-friendly packaging


Of course a YES – if you want to try the mist concept TBS has great options and these two are best to start with! If you wish the same fragrance in perfume form  TBS has that too!

So, what do you think of The body shop body mist review? Let us know in the comments below.

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