Blue Heaven Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Hello, all my adorable beauties! I hope you all feel fabulous today. You know how our eyes give others our first impression. They are an essential part of our face and it is our duty to keep them beautiful. That is only justifiable! No eye makeup is complete without a swipe of your favorite eyeliner. So here I am to review this amazing eyeliner from Blue Heaven to jazz up your look!


INR 50 for 7 ml

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 Blue heavenBlue heaven

It is a jet black liquid eyeliner which comes in a transparent glass bottle with a black plastic cap. When I first saw it I thought it was black nail paint! LOL! To the cap is attached a very thin brush applicator.

Product description:

Creamy, Waterproof, flake proof, Clamp proof formula. Glides on smooth. The bristle applicator allows creating fine and precise lines for a smudge free and flawless result.

My views on Blue heaven eyeliner:

Blue heavenBlue heaven

Blue Heaven Eyeliner gives me a smooth jet black and slightly glossy finish in a single swipe. The best feature about this is that I don’t have to re-apply for about 7-8 hours without washing my face. However, it is not waterproof as it claims. It starts to smudge when it comes in contact with water so it is not a good choice for monsoon season. It does not consist of any fragrance in particular so that is a big relief for me. The application becomes quite easy with the brush and is simply great for beginners. It takes a minute to dry so don’t open your eyes wide immediately after applying as you might ruin it.  Overall I would like to say its cons can be overlooked considering the affordable price of the product.



  1. Pocket-friendly.
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Easily available
  4. Gives amazing results in a single swipe
  5. Best for beginners


  1. Glass bottle
  2. Doesn’t dry instantly
  3. Not completely waterproof

My rating:


Do I recommend buying this product?

Yes! Click here to buy this product on Amazon.



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