Bizarre beauty trends that will make you cringe

Can beauty be bizarre? Yes, beauty, styling, and fashion are about experimentation but to what extent? Many times, cosmetic companies manage to sell a product with zero utility. With so many cosmetic brands around, manufacturers are left with no choice but to modify a product than reformulating. Sadly they know how the majority of beauty and styling enthusiasts fall prey to the well-marketed product, be it bizarre beauty, weird or even useless.

1) Lip tint peels:


Squeeze the product and spread on lips, once dry or solid, peel and you are left with a tint.Ok! This new concept of bizarre beauty maybe intriguing for some, but whats the point of having peel tints, when we have normal lip stains/tints! And the stickiness post peel is annoying for sure. In fact, peeling lips will have a bad effect on your lip care routine!

2) Nail spray:


This can have nail polish in a spray form for convenience and ease..but wait, was painting nails a task?
and what about the excess product sprayed on fingers, nails: cuticles and of course vanity table.

3) Nail art with fur hanging from nails:


Like seriously? Yes, some people love fur but on nails? and how do you wash your hands with this art on! Does this kind of bizarre beauty make any sense to you? Well, not to me!

4) Nail piercing:


Piercing eyes lips and body was not enough hence nails. but why would you hang hooks in your nails! to tag credit card and keys along?

5) Glitter hair:


Anyone up for a truth and dare game? My first question is: how does one take it off! Birthday glitter bombs are annoying for a reason, it takes days to get rid of those particles!

6) Lip plumping masks and devices: 


Pouty selfies are to be blamed here and also the K-celebs. Lip enhancements take the beauty world by storm, earlier with lip injections and now the suction device or masks that promise plump huge lips. Many a time these masks include formulas that irritate the skin resulting in the plump red appearance of the lips. So, bizarre beauty can be uncomfortable too!

7) Beauty water: 


The product here is WATER.Water that undergoes treatments and has selected ingredients in a proportion that promise to give a clear, bright, healthy,  beautiful skin. Impressed and convinced already? Congrats! drink and experience the placebo effect on your skin. And yes price tag ranging from $16-$30.

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