Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

Hello, gorgeous people! Before we dive straightaway into the Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review I would like to tell you all that recently, I have been trying to kick out chemical filled products from my life. Although, it is not possible to completely eradicate all chemicals, minimizing their use will definitely have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

Harsh chemicals present in shampoos do more damage to our hair than we can imagine. It’s not like we’ll be able to see the adverse effects right away. But eventually, the damage hits us and we are left with nothing but regrets.

So, by now you must have understood that I am proudly obsessed with getting as close to nature as possible and I would very much like to reflect that on my skin and hair.

Thinking this, I recently ordered the boutique walnut bark shampoo for fine and thinning hair from their official website. Let us take a look at the Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review and how it turned out for me.


INR 99 for 120 ml


Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

The Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo comes in a cylindrical plastic squeeze bottle with a rotating cap. The cap fixes tightly and the plastic is a quality one, so that makes it quite travel-friendly!


Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

Akhrot chal (Jugens regia), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Ritha(Sapindus mukorossi), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Himalayan water Q.S.

Product Description:

Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

This rich, body-building formula is a blend of pure walnut bark, musk root, amla, soap nut and black malya flowers, to thoroughly cleanse, and revive hair for a fuller, thicker, lifted look.

How To Use:

Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review- My Experience:

Before I tell you about my experience with the boutique walnut bark shampoo for fine and thinning hair, I would like to inform you that before this one I used a strong, volumizing shampoo by Loreal. I usually oil my hair at night and wash it the next morning. I did the same with the Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo.

Sadly, I used a very small quantity and it wasn’t enough to get rid of the extra oil. My hair felt greasy and I wasn’t happy with the product. But I was used to how a small quantity of my volumizing shampoo made my hair and scalp squeaky clean.

Realizing this I decided to give this product another chance and this time I increased the quantity. And Voila! My scalp was clean, my hair was moisturized but not greasy and I was left with a faint Ayurvedic fragrance that faded away in some time. I didn’t even need a conditioner after this!

Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo Review

The best part about this product is the minimum use of chemicals. Only the base is chemical. Rest are all natural ingredients. Despite the shampoo not being totally chemical-free, it is still better than the other shampoos out there.

The texture is neither too thick nor too runny. I would recommend diluting it in a small amount of water for spreading easily. It is greyish purple in color with a mild herbal smell.

On the downside, the shampoo didn’t give me a fuller or a volumized look as claimed by the product. There was no noticeable shine.


  • Affordable
  • Minimal use of chemicals (only the base)
  • Easily available online as well as in local Biotique outlets
  • Makes hair soft, silky, and manageable
  • Doesn’t require a follow-up with a conditioner
  • Paraben-free


  • Does not add volume

Do I Recommend Buying Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo?


Will I repurchase?

Yes! Along with other shampoo varients from Biotique.

So, what do you think of this Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo review? Let us know in the comments below.


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