Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review

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So recently I had been shopping on Nykaa, and as I’m a huge fan of most products from Biotique. I got really excited when I saw their new bio almond lip balm, and even more surprised when I saw the price. So I just had to buy it. So today I have for you the Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review.



25 Rs for 10 gm


Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review


Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review

This lip balm comes in a simple tube packaging. The tube is of bright orange color and a plastic green screw cap. There is a nozzle at one end of the tube. The packaging is attractive and all of the information about the product is mentioned on it. It is travel friendly and can be easily carried anywhere in your wallet or purse.

My experience with Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm:

Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review

I have sensitive skin, and I need to be really careful with all of the products that I use as most of them don’t suit my skin type. But there has been an exception with biotique as a brand as I have used so many products and never had any kind of reaction before. Now coming to the lip balm, it’s non-tinted and has a consistency of thin jelly. The fragrance is almost negligible which I like. While applying it is feels light and the nozzle makes application easy.

Now when comes to the claims of if it works, I honestly felt as if it was just similar to normal Vaseline that we get in the market. Staying power is also not much and you have to keep reapplying it.

Although I didn’t really got any allergy with it but didn’t feel pleasant as well. This wasn’t something I was expecting from one of my favorite skin care brands, to be honest.
For the price it comes for, it’s just decent but I’d say it didn’t really work. This did disappoint me and I ended giving it to one of my friends as I never felt like using it again.


• It is budget friendly.

• Feels light on the lips.

• Fragrance-free.

• The application is easy.


• It doesn’t work.



Do I recommend?

No, I don’t. I didn’t observe any almond goodness and when I read the label it actually has just 3 percent almond oil in it and 70 percent bees wax with other ingredients.

Will I repurchase?

Never again, it didn’t work for me.

Let us know if you liked Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review, also share if you have used the product before and liked it.

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