Best sitcom couples you should take a look at

Apart from making us laugh like crazy, sitcoms like FRIENDS, How I met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory have given us some serious relationship goals over the past few years. Let us take a look at some best sitcom couples that have become an inspiration for millions of couples!

1. Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Best sitcom couples

No one can compare to them when it comes to relationships goals. People do love to watch womanizers on T.V but this is what you need in real life.


2. Chandler and Monica from Friends

Best sitcom couples

Salute to Chandler Bing! This guy actually beat the friend zone and proved to be an amazing husband despite being so afraid of commitment. I still don’t understand why he is a bit underestimated for his looks on the show!


3. Ted and Tracy from How I Met Your Mother

Best sitcom couples

This was the girl Ted Mosby was meant to be with, but sadly the writers made fans fall in love with her and killed her off. She was perfect for him. She was the one!


4.Ross and Rachel from Friends

Best sitcom couples

Soulmates always find a way back to each other and that is what these two did. Despite the “we were on a break” thing, Ross and Rachel loved each other.


5. Howard and Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory

Best sitcom couples

If we compare their relationship to other couples on the show, we can say that this is the only one that is stable.

6. Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother

Best sitcom couples

Barney and Robin together make one awesome person. Sadly they got divorced in the end because apparently the writers of the show were way too hung up on the typical Ted, Robin, and the Blue French Horn thing.


7. Mike and Phoebe from Friends

Best sitcom couples

Phoebe had a tragic past. Her marriage to Mike was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. And let’s admit, Mike Hannigan was a pretty awesome character. Their love story was interesting as well as entertaining to watch.


8. Joey and Phoebe from Friends

Best sitcom couples

I agree Phoebe ending up with Mike was amazing. But these two always had a special bond. Maybe this friendship between Joey and Phoebe could have reached up to a very different level.


9.Joey and Rachel from Friends

Best sitcom couples

I know Ross is Rachel’s lobster. But let’s admit it, Joey was insanely in love with Rachel. For her and Ross’s happiness, he sacrificed the love of his life. Even for the very few moments, they were together, it just felt so right.


10. David and Phoebe from Friends

Best sitcom couples

Parting is always painful. Perhaps, if David hadn’t chosen his career over Phoebe they would have been a small happy family!


11. Raj and Lucy from The Big Bang Theory

Best sitcom couples

I know this is not something you expect to see in place of Leonard and Penny or Sheldon and Amy but it does deserve a mention. A guy suffering from selective mutism meets a cute girl suffering from social anxiety. If it hadn’t been for Raj’s lack of patience, maybe we could have seen the unique and weird character of Lucy some more.

So, what do you think about these best sitcom couples? Let us know in the comments below.

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