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Just the other day I was looking for some paraben free products. Of, course I came across The Body Shop. I saw some amazing products on their site but a little while later I realized that they were too expensive for me (at least for now)! So, I started to look for alternatives. That’s when I saw the aroma magic official website and their claims of manufacturing skin, body and hair care products free of harsh chemicals and parabens. I wanted a nourishing face cream that wasn’t a huge burden to my pocket, yet provides the necessary care to my skin. So I decided to give the Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream a chance. Let us take a look at the Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review in detail and how it turned out for me.

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review


Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review

It has a beautiful tub packaging with an easy-to-open lid. You can close it tightly and carry it around as it is quite sturdy and travel-friendly.


Rs. 375 for 50 grams

Product Description:

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review


Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review

Extracts of rose, almonds, orange, sandalwood, ceramides, carrot seed oil, vegetable waxes AHA, and pure neroli, rose, and jasmine essential oils.


Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review

The texture is light and creamy. It’s not very thick and thus, spreads easily.

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review- My Experience:

I am one-hundred percent hooked to this cream! You wanna know why? First of all, let me tell you, I have super dry skin. I am guilty of running towards products that claim natural moisturizing properties. And this one has almonds! Proper moisturization all day with the benefits of vitamin A and E! Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

The best part about this cream is that the fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming. It has a mild smell of almonds with a faint sandalwood trace. It doesn’t seem artificial. It seems as though someone has given me freshly ground almonds mixed in a buttery substance meant to provide the maximum benefits to my skin.

How I Use The Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream:

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review

I don’t have specifically marked day and night creams so I use this one twice a day- once in the morning after a nice bath and once at night after cleansing my face. I have a pretty strict cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regime. After all, you can’t take chances when it comes to skincare! So, what I do in the morning is after cleansing and pat drying my face, I dot the cream all over my face and spread it in circular motions. At night after applying cleanser and toner, I wait for about 5 minutes for the toner to set in and then apply this cream.

I have been using this product for the past one month regularly and I have found that it is perfect for my sensitive skin. So, if any of you gorgeous fellows are looking for products that don’t irritate your sensitive skin, the Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream is the way to go. I hope this Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review helps someone in need of a great product!

The Best Thing About Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream:

It might sound that I am overselling the product but trust me, it’s all worth it. A small quantity is sufficient to moisturize my entire face. It also imparts a certain glow to my face that lasts for around two hours.

But Be Careful!

You have to be really careful with the quantity while using this cream. Since a really small quantity is sufficient to moisturize your face I wouldn’t recommend applying tonnes of it just for the sake of extra moisturization. If you tend to go overboard with the quantity, you might end up with a greasy and dull face.

Compatible Skin Type:

The Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream is perfect for girls who have a normal to dry skin. Although oily skinned beauties can use it in dry weather they should refrain from using it in summers. If you have an oily skin and you use it as a winter cream, you still need to be careful with the quantity. A little goes a long way!


  • Superb moisturizing properties
  • Imparts a glow to my skin
  • Goodness of almonds, essential oils, and sandalwood
  • Lightweight
  • Hydrates the skin for 4-5 hours
  • Ease of availability


  • Tub packaging
  • Pricey (Although worth every penny!)
  • Not for oily-skinned beauties in summers
  • Overuse can make your face look dull

Do I recommend the Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream?


Would I repurchase?

Without a doubt, yes! This has already become one of my favorite products.



So, what do you think of this Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Aromamagic Almond Nourishing Cream Review


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