Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review

I am not a fan of lotions as such but my skin’s dryness compelled me to go for heavy moisturizing routine. It was easy to follow the moisturizing routine during winters but as Summers came in it got difficult. My skin screamed for moisture but then there was always a risk of greasiness + sweaty skin leading to blocked pores. My dermatologist suggested a water-based lotion suitable for all skin types year round – be it summer or winter. I am pretty impressed with this product and thought a genuine review should do good to all the readers. So here is the Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review.


White plastic bottle with squeeze functionality and click cap to it. It looks like an average medicated non-comedogenic products packaging.
Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review


Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review

Price :

INR 280 = 200ml

Shelf life:

3 Years



Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review


Light floral notes and soft mild fragrance which does not stay throughout the day. Might bother during application as you are applying it all over the body and a moisturiser’s smell does linger longer than any other skin care product.

My Experience:

For winters I mixed this lotion with a bit of cetaphil lotion and in summers I use this lotion alone. Well, the texture and creaminess is just right, neither too greasy nor too gel like. Spreads easily without leaving any white cast. I rub generous amount of this product immediately post bath to help lock the moisture in skin. It does not leave skin sticky if you let it soak in well before heading out in sunlight or in your kitchen exposing yourself to heat. My dry patches were causing discomfort to an extent where it got painful and resulted in irritated skin. This lotion has been very gentle on irritated skin without causing any burns and is not heavy on skin. Also, the greasiness is just right for summers. I have noticed the skin becoming more hydrated and supple. I apply it once in a day post bath. If hands or feet get dry post swimming then one more round of this product is a must for me. Not otherwise. You will notice the watery formula immediately when you squeeze some product in your hand. It has the right amount of greasiness.

Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review

Does not leave any white cast:

Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review

Will I repurchase?

Yes, it seems to go well for my skin in any season

Do I recommend?

If you are looking for non comedogenic and water based lotion in summer and winter then this should be in your trial list



-0.5 because I prefer anything with zero fragrance as I don’t want the same to mix with the body mist I apply.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gentle on skin
  • Water based and light
  • Does not leave white cast post application
  • Makes skin supple
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily available at chemists shop
  • Does not feel sticky once absorbed.


  • Fragrance is a bit strong

So, is this Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


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Aquasoft moisturizing lotion review

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