Anger: Causes, effects and treatement

Anger is a universal problem. Unresolved anger is the root cause of a lot of destruction. I am going to elaborate some facts about anger which are true to its full extent but no one ever gives it much thought. I would like you to read this post very carefully till the end because I am going to throw light upon facts which are not very commonly heard and some really unusual anger management techniques.

What is anger?

Everyone comes across situations where we just lose all control over our mind and behave in a manner we weren’t supposed to, say something we didn’t mean or act in a way we didn’t intend. This is caused by an extremely negative emotion which is ‘anger’.

Causes of anger

Different people encounter different situations that make them furious. Some of the common reasons which make most of the people angry are:

1. ) Stress

stress, anger management

Everyone experiences stress to some extent although there are different levels. For students, it could be due to a lot of school or college assignments, exams, peer pressure, lack of popularity among peers and much more. For grownups, it is the workload or strained relationships that cause stress. When people do not know how to cope with stress, the helplessness they feel leads to anger.

2.) Financial issues

anger management, financial problems
Most of the people say that ‘Money cannot buy happiness’ which is obviously true to some extent. But money can surely buy a lot of things that make you happy. Most of the people nowadays are struggling to make both ends meet in this era of excessive inflammation and recession. They are so busy in fulfilling their requirements that there is barely any money left to fulfill their wishes. This leads to frustrations which are a very common cause of anger.

3.) Envy

envy, anger management

When someone else gets picked over you, you feel angry. This can be best explained by the following example- when you fell that your parents prefer your sibling over you.

4.) Personal failure

When we fail in an endeavor we are filled with guilt an inferiority complex which is one of the biggest causes of anger.

5.) When things don’t go your way

Most of the people are not able to tolerate events not happening according to their plan.

Consequences of anger

The more intense is your anger, the more severe are its consequences. Anger results in strained relationships either personal or professional or both. It can cause you to lose your job or a loved one. Do you really wish to suffer to such a great extent over something as petty as lack of self-control?

Anger Management Tips

It is very easy to tell someone to close their eyes and count till ten. But I find this concept utterly hilarious!  Do you honestly believe that a person infuriated to his maximum possible limit cares about shutting his eyes and counting at that moment? Anger needs to be removed from its root.

1.) Meditation for anger management

meditation, anger management

By meditation, I don’t mean for you to just sit around and close your eyes. It is a technique to calm your mind. If possible attend some meditation camps or read some really good books that provide proper guidelines. Guided meditation audios are the best when you are trying to meditate all by yourself.

2.) Reiki

It is a less known technique but from my personal experience, I can say that it is by far the best. It seems like magic which calms your body and mind as well as heals you completely. You can even heal others through energy.  Many say that it is a type of meditation. Well, not exactly. It is somewhat similar to mediation but you have to get attuned by an experienced Reiki practitioner to perform Reiki. I’ll elaborate it in my next post.

3.) Eradicate the need to win an argument

Sometimes things start to get a little heated up if the argument between two people is intense. If the other person doesn’t seem to agree with you after you have presented your opinion then it is time to let go of it. Think about it this way, If the other person is not able to convince you with his point of view then how can you force your opinion on him? And most importantly, even if you win the argument, are you willing to lose the person in return? Too many heated arguments destroy relationships. So be careful!

4.) Try your best to escape the situation

It is always better to walk away from an ugly situation than to further aggravate the anger by yelling. If it doesn’t seem possible then restrain yourself from speaking at all. If you really need to say something tries to be as polite as possible. It seems difficult, but keep in mind the deadly consequences of losing your temper.

5.) Identify when it is time to seek medical help
anger management

First sincerely try all the above-mentioned tips. But if your anger is self-destructive or violent and you feel completely helpless despite all the efforts do not hesitate to consult a counselor or a psychologist. They are trained professionals who help you get through any psychological stress you are going through.

To conclude I would like to say that it is better to find a solution to your problems before they become unsolvable. Combat your anger before it is too late.

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