Amway Attitude cleanser for normal to oily skin review

Hello, everyone! I am going to review ‘Amway Attitude cleanser for normal to oily skin’. Cleansing is the first step in the skin care regime. Amway Attitude cleanser for normal to the oily skin does deep pore cleansing of the skin. Even if you are looking for an Amway attitude cleanser for dry skin, this one is worth a try. Read ahead to know more.


Amway Attitude cleanser


375 INR for 150 ml


It comes in a white plastic bottle. The cleanser is white and has a lotion-like consistency. The bottle has a pump which on being pressed dispenses the product.

Amway Attitude cleanser


Amway Attitude cleanser

*OSMOGELINETM – Red Seaweed extract, Vitamin A, C & E, Natural Fruits & Botanical Extracts like Aloe Vera, Avocado, and Grapeseed extracts.

Product Description(what it claims):

Attitude cleanser is a gentle, non-dry, soap-free cleansing lotion that is specifically designed for normal to oily skin. It effectively removes makeup, dirt and excess oil. The cleanser leaves skin feeling soft, fresh and clean.

My views:

By far I have used many cleansers but I can say with full assurance that this one is the best! Although this product might seem expensive at first but considering how long it lasts, I think it is worth using. It also says that it is meant for normal to oily skin. But according to my experience, it works just as well for dry skin too. After using this product I have noticed a drastic decline in the occurrence of pimples. It also makes my skin super soft.  It has a very mild fragrance. This cleanser removes all traces of dirt and makeup. Also, it does not leave any oily residue.

How to use Amway Attitude cleanser:

  1. Press the pump once or twice and saturate some cotton with it. You may need to press the pump 3-4 times for the first time in order to dispense the product.
  2.  Apply gently over face and neck.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  4. Sufficient to use it once a day.


  1. Travel-friendly packaging
  2. Mild fragrance
  3. Effectively removes all traces of dirt and makeup
  4. Adds a certain amount of glow to the skin
  5. Mild and gentle on skin
  6. Makes the skin soft


  1. It might be a little pricey for some.

My rating:


Do I recommend buying this product?

Totally yes! And ASAP! This is by far the best Amway attitude cleanser for oily skin. Click here to buy amway products at a reasonable price from Amazon. If you are a resident of India, click here.


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